Hello world!

Well, may as well keep the generic title, its sums things up pretty clearly!

I have wanted to start a blog for so long, but never really knew what to write about, but really…what isnt there to write about?

I doubt this will get many followers, but who knows. For now, it will serve it purpose as an outlet for the many thoughts that pass through my mind…good, bad, and ugly. Am I an eloquent writer?? Pffft!!! Anyone who knows me will laugh over that notion!

I’m a mum to four kids, currently aged 5yrs (boy), 4yrs (girl), 3yrs (boy) and 21mths (boy). They are the light of my life, and the constant source of headaches. Am I perfect mum? Of course not!! Show me one that exists! But I could not imagine my life any differently. I can quote almost any cartoon movie backwards. Especially Finding Nemo, grr, NEMO!!! (he has been conveniently “missing” a number of times!) Im quickly running out of ideas for themed birthday cakes and have a Wiggles tape currently blasting in my car!

My eldest two have been diagnosed with global development delay. Their overall development age is somewhere between 2-3years of age. Its not a life time diagnosis, they are are expected to improve and “grow” out of it. Which is why we are constantly at appointments for speech therapy, occupational therapy, and pediatric appointments

My eldest son starts his first year of primary school tomorrow, neither one of us can wait. He CRAVES his friendships, structure and routine. Me…Im just craving a bit of silence!

My daughter starts kindergarten next week, however she is going into an Early Intervention Literacy Program. They only take 6 kids a year and its very intensive. I cannot wait to see results!

My middle son is in the process of getting diagnosed with GDD too, and will soon start various therapy as well. He will be starting in a new daycare next week, along with out youngest son. I don’t think house will have been this quiet in nearly 6 years!!!

The baby of the house has cystic fibrosis. His diagnosis was a TOTAL bombshell, but that is another blog. For those who don’t know what it is, it IS NOT muscle related…thats cerebal palsy you are probably thinking of. I would have to say that 90%of people I say this to get CF confused with CP.

Cystic Fibrosis affects mostly the lungs, mucus build up is a serious issue. His is not pancreatic-sufficiant, which means that his pancreas doesnt secrete enzymes, which are those goodies that break down fats in your food (see… I remembered THAT from Human Biology!! Just have had to re-learn most of it all over again!!) so he is on tablets to help him break down his foods.

His condition means three monthly visits to Princess Margaret Hospital for Children…4-5 hours drive away. Touch wood….he has only had one hospitalization, which was at diagnosis.

Everything has been a complete learning curve, how to do daily physio, diet, medications, learning BIG words and what they may mean for the family. My hips have certainly suffered from his high fat, high salt (overall, high energy) diet!

Now on to the main man in my life. My fiance. However, in 22 days, he will FINALLY become my husband! We have been together seven a half years, but had agreed early on a long engagement…then I fell pregnant. Then I fell pregnant again…and again…and AGAIN, so we decided we would wait until our youngest was old enough to get involved.

He works hard for his family, probably too hard at times. He can cook a mean barbie, loves his beer and is the life of any party. He will stand up for he believes in and back you up in a fight (so long as he is on YOUR side of course!) he is the quinessential Aussie bloke.

Sure, we have a turbulant relationship at times, we dont always see eye to eye, but I love him with all my heart and couldnt imagine my life with anyone else! I am counting down the days where we can state it in front of everyone.

Well, I think I have introduced myself enough. I have many more tales stored away to talk about…but thats for another day.

Night all



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