rant about children’s shows

Let me start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with the children’s shows of today, but why must people jump up on their soap boxes and make everything politically correct, even entertainment for young kids??

Im pretty sure I turned out ok. Most of the people I grew up with have turned out ok (with few exceptions) so why did they have to change shows because of trivial reasons that go unnoticed by kids?

Did you know that Sesame Street had to make changes in their storylines because the relationship between Big Bird and Snuffy suggested that sexually abused couldnt talk to adults about their abuse?

I have absolutely no memory of the fact that adults never met Snuffy! Apparently whenever Big Bird would go off to grab an adult to meet him, Snuffy would suddenly remember he had to be somewhere, and would be gone by the time the humans rocked up. This caused all humans on Sesame Street to think that the giant, hairy elephant was a figment of Big Bird’s imagination. The show’s writers had to create an episode where Snuffy was revealed and all human’s apologised to Big Bird for not believing him, after an uproar was sounded by the general public saying that sexually abused kids couldnt not speak out as adults wont believe them.

Valid point…but a point probably missed by human’s under the age of 10!

Noddy got taken off air because Noddy would sleep in the same bed as Big Ears. Now, from what I remember of the show, Big Ears would recommend Noddy to stay the night because he would be too tired to drive home. Now,  wouldn’t that promote responsible friendships? But no, because they fell asleep on the couch together, it promotes homosexuality. I dont think tv shows can change your sexual preference. Im still straight, and I doubt any homosexual person on the planet will blame Noddy though.

Golliwogs were removed from the show. Now, I have been told that golliwogs are racist to African Americans. Im not really sure why, but Im sure Google can answer that question for me later.

Fat Cat and Humphry B. bear, two popular Australian tv characters, have been deemed controversial, the first doesnt wear a shirt, while the latter was taken off air because he doesnt wear pants.

Yogi Bear promotes stealing (hmm…but he seems to be coming a comeback with a movie, so he cant be too bad)

Scooby Doo promotes drug abuse (ok…looking back i could probably agree with that, Shaggy and Scooby’s insatiable appetite anyone??) and along with Roger Ramjet, who used to take a white pill to give him strength.

You get my point.

But given todays climate situation, why arent shows like Captain Planet and Widget the World Watcher coming back on air?

Instead we get early intervention shows to teach alphabet and counting. Dont get me wrong, Im in no way saying that is a bad thing!! Dont jump up and down just yet!

But what happened to just pure entertainment for kids rather than constantly bombarding with learning?

TV didnt teach me to count, or read (Ok, maybe a little assistance from Sesame Street!) and I think I turned out ok with all the shows I watch while growing up.

Im sure there are many more controversial shows out there, feel free to point them out. Always makes for interesting conversation!


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