another battle

OK. We have figured out why the young one is having tummy troubles at the moment.

The little so-and-so is spitting out his tablets!!! I found them on the floor, or hidden amongst toys.

Now he is refusing to take the tablets at all. We went through this stage a few months ago, but I thought we had passed this stage.

Last night, the young one and I argued for nearly an hour about taking his meds. I tried every trick I could think of. Tickling him and sneaking the spoon in while his mouth was wide open with laughter (this unsuccessfully happened half a dozen times) I tried full capsules, hiding them deep in the apple puree. I tried opening them and mixing the microballs in the puree. I tried to bribe with the promise of a chocolate after. That one very nearly worked!

Then I had a fantastic idea…sprinkles!!! Mix the capsules in the apple puree and put 100’s and 1000’s on top, not only to look pretty, but hide the fact that there were meds mixed in. I was positive that it would work. What kid can resist sprinkles? Mine, obviously!

He is stubborn, something he gets from his parents. But I am too competitive to let him win, especially over something  serious as this. Hmm…maybe I am the one that should have the red hair, not him?

So he went to bed last night with a bottle of cordial instead of milk…he was not a happy chappy!

Lets see how long this phase will last!


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