babies no more!

The kidlets are growing up!!!

The young one has just started daycare for the first time yesterday! It went really well!

Just before Christmas, I made the decision that when school went back, we would pull our three-year-old son out of the daycare he was in. I was not happy with everything happening there, and now, evidently, my son wasnt happy there either.

I understand that my children are a handful….believe me, I know! But I was really starting to feel that they didn’t have time for us anymore. We just didn’t seem to be getting the same level of care anymore. Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying that they were incompetent (though I probably have a few family members who will disagree with that statement), they just werent right for what my children needed.

While they couldn’t legally say “no” to taking the young one, I could tell they didn’t want him, because of the CF. When I put him on the waiting list, after a couple of weeks, the director pulled me aside and asked “Do you really think you should be sending him to daycare with all the bugs that go around?”

My answer? “Well if I can’t send him to daycare, then I can’t send him to school!” Also, with three older children already in daycare and school, he was exposed to them anyway! Yes, it probably wasnt too long ago that CF children would have had to have been home schooled. Not the case nowadays.

Anyhoo…the centre kept him on the waiting list for almost a year. I could pretty much tell they were doing it on purpose, as they kept advising us “Maybe you should look around at other centres in the meantime.” Suss much?

But after a bad week with how they dealt with our three-year-old’s eczema (first it was “hand, foot and mouth, then it was “ringworm”, but it took three medical practitioners to convince them it was eczema!) it was the pivotal moment that I cracked it and said “NO MORE!” (trust me…there was a lot more that had happened before this particular situation!)

So we found a new daycare. Our middle son started there three weeks ago, and everyone is noticing the change in him. He is happier, more talkative, and eating better. It was definitely the best decision we ever made. His room carer even came up to me the other day and said he was an absolute pleasure to have around. He just “goes with the flow” and she barely needs to do anything for him.

The new daycare have been very active in learning about cystic fibrosis. I love that they aren’t afraid to ask questions. I encourage that! I gave them all the reading material that was given to me when our son was diagnosed, so they could get a bit of an understanding of CF life. I stuck around for a little while yesterday, to make sure they were comfortable with his medications. I wasnt worried about leaving him. They are a great centre, and though he can be a bit clingy, it would be a great experience for him.

I only received two phone calls after I left. The first was to double-check about his medications for his digestive issues, as they were worried about overdosing him. I found it a little funny (not really sure why), but reassured it was all ok. But I was glad they called instead of guessing or going “oh well, he can go without!”

The second phone call was to ask if he was allowed another milk bottle. Again, I reassured that this was fine, he could have as much as he likes, so long as he has the medication to go with it.

But other than that, he had an absolute blast! He was a little unsure of the kids around him (he was the oldest in the baby room) as he hasn’t been around kids his age before, only older ones.

So as of next week, he will be going two full days a week, along with our three-year-old.

Our four-year-old daughter is doing well in her kindergarten literacy program. She is still undergoing initial testing to find out where she needs the most work. But it is a very intensive program, and hopefully one year is all she will need at this particular school.

Our eldest is LOVING year one, but due to his global development delay, we are still experiencing teething problems setting up routines at school.The new teacher, and therefore, new rules, is creating a bit of defiance. But he absolutely loves doing the school work.

So there it is…my babies are starting to grow up. Soon I will be the typical “soccer mom” (half way there…already have the people mover!!!) and asking them to stay home! Hard to believe how far we have come in such a short period of time! Bit surreal, really!


2 thoughts on “babies no more!

    • There is a MASSIVE difference in both boys. Every day they comment on how well Ethan is doing, and every day, Cam chucks a tantrum because he doesnt want to go home as he is having too much fun! lol
      It was the best decision ever and a complete stress relief!

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