busy busy

So much has been happening the last few weeks I havent had much time, or motivation, to sit down and blog.

Now that I do, I have so many topic ideas running around in my head (starting to get a little crowded in there!) I don’t know which one to start on.

A topic I have seen floating around a lot is friendship, or rather, the breakdown of friendships, and I have a big post planned for that topic.

There is my love affair with my electric steamer (weird topic I know…but its by far my favourite contraption in the house at the moment!)

There is the upcoming clinic for my youngest son and daughter (who is also having a sleep study done at the same time)

My eldest son’s progress in year one at school

Then, of course, there is our wedding, which was three weeks ago.

So don’t worry…I havent melted into oblivion…you will probably get bombarded with all these topics on the same day!

Stay tuned y’all

Bella 🙂


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