Here comes the bride…

On the 19th February, 2011, my long-time fiance and I FINALLY tied the knot.

We had been engaged seven years, during of which we bought a house, had four kids and started a business (somewhat in that order)

About a year ago, probably closer to ten months ago, we had been having drinks with our neighbours one night, when the topic of weddings came up. I can’t remember if our neighbours (who are getting married this weekend, also after a child and a long engagement) had set their date yet, and I would hate to think we were trying to sneak our wedding in before theirs!!

But after coming home that night, we started talking about our wedding plans. We decided it was either a wedding, or renovate our house. If we renovated first, then basically, we were never going to get married! As he popped the question on February 17th, 2004, we always wanted to get married on, or as close as possible, to that date.

We had set dates in the past, but always called them off as I kept falling pregnant!! So we decided to wait until our youngest child was old enough to get involved. Trust me, we weren’t expecting to have had this many children by now and have waited so long! So when we had agreed on a date, I plastered it all over Facebook and other websites I frequent, just so we couldn’t back out of it!

After that amount of time, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. I had already picked my dress (which was a mock-Raylia design , for those who are interested) I had tried it on in a local bridal store when I was five months pregnant with our youngest, and I fell in love. It looked good then, so I knew that if I still hadn’t lost that dreaded, highly unmovable baby weight after pregnancy, it would still look good. I even tried it on a couple more time after we had set our date, but when I returned to the store to purchase it, it had been sold. I was the only woman to try that particular dress on in two years, and it was sold to another woman only three days prior. I was absolutely gutted. Thankfully, I managed to find that dress online (and at half the cost!) made to fit, from China (though the website suggests America!)

This is the picture I know all of you want to see….here is THE dress!


We decided on an ivory, purple and silver theme. I found a fantastic lady online who made silk flower bouquets. She did an absolutely FANTASTIC job. If you would like to have a squizz at some of her work, her website is

I was going to be buying our centerpieces online as well (which were submerged purple silk flowers, in tall round vases, on round mirrors, surrounded by tealights) However, when i reached the point of ordering them, we found that they were based in Toowoomba, Queensland (other side of Australia for the non-natives!) which is going through some horrible natural disasters at the moment, and that particular town was several metres underwater! The lovely ladies there were very sorry, and advised they just couldn’t guarantee that my products would arrive in time. So this involved a rushed trip to Perth, where we visited a lovely, home based lady, who gave us a great deal on very similar products. She also provided our bombannaires, which were little perfume bottles for the ladies, and bar tool key rings for the men (huge hit on the day!!) Crisis averted, stress relieved!

We had the ceremony at a local park. It was a spot that we had picked in the first few days of our engagement, and then never really returned. But it was fairly secluded, away from the bulk of the public, and had a view of the foreshore. There were two rows of trees that made the perfect spot for a ceremony venue.

The reception was at a local winery, where we had set up a marquee (which our kids called the “white castle”) It was beautiful! The owner was a family friend and gave us heaps of help during set up, and gave us a great deal on the booze.

The day went off without a hitch…well, on my end! “The Man” had his fair share of hiccups, with his shoes falling apart (and no glue in the house)so they used silicone found in the garage to put them back together. The groomsman’s shoelaces snapped, and the zipper on my eldest son’s dress pants broke.

The biggest stress he had, was I had left the task of getting a CD player to the ceremony to play music as we walked down the aisle. He went through four, yes, FOUR, cd players before he found one that would work on batteries (they worked when plugged into the wall though!)

After that, it went well. The kids behaved beautifully, everyone looked great, and I’m sure everyone had a good time. The photos between the ceremony and reception were gruelling though. My feet hurt, my veil was in attack mode and all I wanted was a glass of wine (or two!!)

The food was divine at the reception. Entrees were fish goujons (crumbed fish strips!!! Dont worry, I had to google that too when I saw it on the menu plan!) and stuffed mushrooms (I had been looking forward to those all day!) and the main meal was a choice between cheese and spinach stuffed chicken breast, with white wine sauce or steak (HOLY COW! Those steaks were THICK!!!!) with, I think, a red wine sauce and potatoes. I cant remember what exactly the main meals were now…I was too hungry by that stage!

Dessert was a strawberry cheesecake, which I am very disappointed that I didn’t get any, as I was beginning to find my place on the dance floor for the night. there was also wedding cake, which was made by my talented mother-in-law. I had found a picture online and it was the only one that I said “I want THAT one!” I must have chosen one of the hardest cakes! The would have been about 40 roses on I think!

Half our guests had left by about mid-evening, due to backs, travelling the next morning or kids. So everyone left after that, was there to PAR-TAY!!! and party we did! When midnight came, and we had to leave the venue, there were a few of us who weren’t done for the night. So we decided to head into town, and attend the local nightclub. YES…I went to the nightclub IN my wedding dress! I know I’m not the only bride to have done it, and I’m sure I wont be the last!!!

But my dress isn’t as pretty at the bottom now. It needs some heavy soaking! I wouldn’t be able to resell it, not that I wanted to!

But our day was absolutely fantastic, and we want to do it all over again (with out the hassle of photos in between)

I cant wait to see the professional photos!



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