A few shout outs

As I’m sitting here contemplating on what my next topic should be about, I started browsing some of the blogs I frequent. So I thought I would share a few of them.

The first, is my 19 year-old cousin’s blog. He recently had a tonsillectomy (tonsil removal….obvious much? lol), and during his recovery at home, out of boredom, he started doing some looking around online, only to find mostly horror stories. So, after I had obviously planted the seed of intrigue in his mind by talking about my own blog at my wedding, he decided to write his own, to show that the procedure doesn’t always have bad outcomes. Now that his recovery is almost complete, I think the writing bug has bitten hard and there is musings of writing a random thoughts and experiences blog. GO FOR IT LITTLE DUDE!!!


Now, the next one is probably one of the best blogs I have ever read. I have only been following for about a month now, after a friend recommended it to me, after all the intense stuff started. It is a mother of two, named Lori, whose husband committed suicide in front of her, two months ago. No other blog pulls you in emotionally as much as this one. You ride the highs and lows with her. I have read some of her older stuff (the “before” stuff she calls it) and she is a fantastic writer. She hit turbulent waters when some of her followers felt she shouldnt be writing about all this, making it so public. I say, why not??? Writing is very therapeutic (as my cousin has obviously figured out 🙂 ) I think she is coping just fine (of course, there are days that I worry about this woman, who is a complete stranger to me), but if writing about her pain is helping her deal with it, then who are we to criticise?


Now the next two bloggers are two friends of mine who I have had the pleasure of knowing for a couple of years now. We have shared our parenting experiences and helped each other through tough spots (although, they have helped me FAR more than I have helped them over the years!) and cheered on the good times. We met through Heinz parenting forum, then made the jumps to a new website every time one was closed down (apparently the very original forum is open for comments again….felt nostalgic not long ago and came across our MANY conversations!)

The first of these wonderful ladies, is a very talented writer. She is an absolute HOOT to know, never fails to put a smile on your face! She has written at least one fantastic book (so if there are any publishers our there, chase after this one!!! You wont be disappointed!) Her blog will either have you laughing till you wet yourself, or give you some great insight, which leaves you pondering for hours. She has even inspired a blog post in me after reading one of hers!


The other very lovely lady, is now a mumma to two beautiful boys. I’m hoping now that the youngest has come along (off the top of my head, I think her new bundle of joy is about 5 weeks old???????) she will still find time to blog. She is a teacher and gets some great insight to the world. She has the best sense of humour, a typical Aussie in my book! We all followed the life…and unfortunate death…of her pet rabbit, who was curiously named “Purple Butt” (I think her students had a say in that name)


One last shout out, who is one of my regular readers, and a fellow CF mum, from Canada. You may have seen her commenting around on my blog 🙂 Her little girl is the same age my little CF-er, so if you are interested in reading more about CF…READ,READ,READ!! Just remember though, and I have mentioned this before, experiences and practises in other countries can be vastly different from Australian procedures.



So….go have a good read while I work out what exactly I am going to write next.

Night all!



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