My bit on bullying

In light of events here in Australia in regards to a recent incident of bullying, I have decided to jump back up on my soap box.

Casey Heynes, 15, made world headlines after “snapping” and retaliating back at a 12-year-old bully who was punching him. Casey, a boy who is large for his age, and much larger than his bully, copped about half a dozen punches (just standing there, taking it, saying “stop, don’t!”) he then picked up his tormentor and threw him to the ground, then walked away.
The Bullied

No one came in to help Casey. No. Instead, someone sat there and filmed it! That same day, it ended up on YouTube. It accentuated the bullying further in my mind.

However, since the video has been shown around the world, I have sat back and watched conversations about the incident, and have also seen groups pop up on Facebook about how Casey is a “hero”.

So many are absolutely outraged by Casey’s actions.

My opinion? Good on ya, mate!! Glad you stood up for yourself. I wouldn’t call him a hero, that is a term flung around too much these days, in my opinion. Save that term for those who risk their lives for others. A firefighter pulling a stranger from a blazing fire, or a soldier serving his country in a war-torn country. They are heroes.

I admit, when I first watched the footage, my eyes bulged and I went “Woah!” Do I think maybe it was a little brutal? Yes, definitely. But when you have sat there and taken abuse like this for years, who knows what you would do when you snap. Luckily, the younger boy got out of it with just a sprained ankle! He could have become a paraplegic!  But luckily Casey “snapped” out of it again, and walked off straight away. He didn’t continue to pummel the smaller child as so many other would do.

The 12-year-old bully’s mother has said “I raised my kids not to fight”, well, sorry lovey, there is video evidence. He started it! If you have actually seen the clip, you should be completely ashamed of what your son did!

If I had a video where I saw one of my children doing that to another child, who were just standing there and taking it like Casey did, I would rip shreds, demand an apology, take them to the police. Heck, I don’t know what on earth I would do, actually!! But I would definitely be questioning my parenting skills, and figure out how on earth you could punish your child enough for doing something so wrong!

I havent actually watch the interview with the bully, but from what I have heard, he isn’t even really sorry for doing it. He is thriving on the attention! Oh, and by the way, who on earth lets their 12-year-old son get an eyebrow piercing?!?! (Sorry, I dont have a picture of the bully to share)

There are people who are saying Casey should have gone to the teachers or the principal. I don’t mean to insult any teacher friends who may be reading this, but how many times do you think Casey has done that in his lifetime? What has it accomplished really? Every school child over the age of about 10 years knows that if you go to the teacher,you can probably expect retribution! Yes, there are probably rare occurences where it doesn’t continue, but do you think that if it happens a second time, the child would go back to the teacher? No. They would just get their backsides handed to them again and the bullied would “suck it” up. It happens in so many cases.

I don’t really want to use this analogy (but in a way, it works), but in prison, do you go to the guards when your being picked on? Heck no! You would probably (definitely) get killed! Kids can be cruel, and when there are bullies who getting physical, running to the teacher is not going to achieve anything!

Casey will probably have the entire school behind him in a fight if anyone tries to have a go at him again. He has become an underdog’s icon. It probably isn’t the right thing, I know, because it’s now telling everyone that violence is the answer. But what else could be done? So many people were aware of Casey’s bullying, and nothing was getting done.

I proud of this kid for standing up for himself! He may not gone about it in the right way, but what is the right way these days?

You may not agree with me. Personally, I don’t really care. I will teach my kids to stand up for themselves, but I hope they would come to me still about it. Hell will have nothing on me if I find out my kids are being bullies though!

Ok, jumping off my soap box again now. I’m hoping my opinion made sense and didn’t offend to many people. I encourage comments and a HEALTHY debate, but please, any nasty comments will be deleted!

Bella 🙂





2 thoughts on “My bit on bullying

  1. Bellab85, you have a point and I am with you on this. Casey Heynes not just get people on his side but also he opens our eyes to a big wake up call everyone needs: addressing the bullying issue. It is time everyone stops turning a blind eye on bullying and schools need to walk the talk on anti-bullying. Bullying is wrong in all levels and no child should go through it.

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