13 things I took for granted before having kids

I came across a blog today, and found a hilarious post, which I just had to share. I have tweaked it slightly though from the original post to make it a little more generic.
  1. Going to the toilet, by my self – I remember doing that, vaguely
  2. Having a daily shower – yes, some days, 2.30pm comes and I realise that I haven’t had a shower yet :/
  3. Knowing where my hairbrush and makeup bag is – bloody girls!!
  4. Having money in my purse – like real money, not Monopoly money
  5. Clean clothes – with no dribble, spew or grubby finger prints
  6. Sleeping in till midday – if I wanted to
  7. Tidying up and the house staying tidying – for more than an hour
  8. Nice furniture – without texta marks, and scratches
  9. Quiet time – without having to run away or lock the kids out of the house
  10. Just grabbing my purse and keys and running out the house – without having to grab a nappy bag, sippy cups, favourite toy, blah blah blah
  11. Shampoo and conditioner lasting for more than a week – especially if the bottles are 1 litre bottles
  12. Going out for dinner – and it not costing the whole shopping budget
  13. As much adults only” time as we wanted – full stop.
I am also going to add a number14) being able to have a conversation on the telephone without hiding in the wardrobe because the kids are crying, or banging on the pots and pans. I miss that!
What do you miss since having kids?

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