And the first contestant is…

I love product testing, and have done it for a couple of years now. It is a highly addictive hobby!

I have approached a couple of companies now, giving them the opportunity  to have their products tested by me, and then have my experience, good or bad, be advertised here on my blog.

I have just had my first reply, and someone is willing to be put to the test!

The contestant is…(drum roll please)… Furless Makeup Brushes and Accessories!

Furless is an Australian company that promotes and sells vegan and Halal-friendly makeup accessories and mineral makeup.

I have to admit, I havent tried mineral makeup yet, but have always wanted to, so I am super-excited about this venture!

So while I am waiting on the products to test, head on over to their Facebook page, and “like” them to be in the running for monthly giveaways.

A reader (and good friend) has suggested testing modern cloth nappies. I have approached a couple of companies on this topic, so I will let you know how that goes. But in the meantime, I would still love to hear what other sort of products you would like to hear about!

Bella 🙂


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