All you need is cake!

Time for my first proper product review.

A friend of mine bakes cakes. Well, actually, I should say she creates masterpieces!

I try to do a themed birthday cake for each of my children’s birthdays. I have been pretty proud of them too, until I saw the photos of her cakes. Mine don’t even come close!

Sarah and I have been friends for many years…and if I do my maths correctly, we are talking about seventeen years (wow!!)

We lost contact for a few years after highschool, only to reconnect again through Facebook. For the last few months I have been following her creations on her fanpage

She has made divine wedding cakes (like the one shown here), children’s birthday cakes that will be the envy of every party, and novelty cakes. If you have a request, she would be able to do it!

So head to her Facebook page, have a look at her work, and dont forget to press “like” before leaving! Or contact her at:

All photos shown here are just a small portion of her cakes. I am seriously considering getting her to make the upcoming birthday cakes for the kids!!

Bella 🙂


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