Honey Bear Bows

Time for another product review…

Last year, a friend announced on our parenting forum that she was launching her own business. She was making headbands and clips for her daughter as a hobby, but after getting a lot of interest, she took it online.

I have been lucky enough to win some of her bows during competitions on her Facebook page. They are so gorgeous, I am guilty of wearing some of them more often than my daughter! There is one in particular that we fight over (pictured)

Her prices are very reasonable and you can view her full range on her website where she has an assortment of colours and designs

They would make a great gift for all those little princesses out there (aren’t the octopus clips, above, absolutely adorable?) But as previously stated, there are designs for those “princesses” who are little girls at heart!

Before I finish, here is one more picture to show that designs aren’t limited to just hair bobbles, but she also makes very crafty clip holders.

There are just too many gorgeous and adorable photos for me to be able to share in this post, and I cant gush enough, so check out her website and/or Facebook page today!!

Bella 🙂


One thought on “Honey Bear Bows

  1. I love these. My daughters have a collection of different clips from here. Their ‘hoot’ clip holder is full!

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