The cutest things in life

It’s an old saying, but kids say and do the darndest things!

Last night for example, my eldest son and daughter played “karaoke”. I had hooked my laptop up to our tv unit and played my iTunes through the sound system while I was cooking dinner.

The kids quickly found some make-do microphones (my son had one made out of Lego blocks, and my daughter used the belt from her dressing gown!) and were dancing around the living room. My son was pretending to be Alice Cooper, singing “Poison”, and my daughter transformed into Brittney Spears, singing “Till the world ends”. While one was the main singer, the other was a back up dancer! It was hilarious to watch, but it had them exhausted…which equals an early night to bed (woohoo!)




My eldest son also turned six years old recently. He had his first party where school friends were allowed to be invited. Every so often at the party, he would come up to me, give me a hug and say “Thank you for the party, Mummy! It’s the best party ever!”

This is a kid who has trouble expressing his thoughts and feelings  in the past due to his speech and cognitive delay. They were a wonderful bunch of kids. Every parents loves to hear that their child has friends, and it brought a tear to my eye to see how accepting they all were of his limitations. It absolutely melted my heart to see him have such a good time!

So while my kids and I bump heads all the time, I love them with all my heart. But it’s moments like this that keep me smiling!


What have your kids done recently that you would like to share?

Bella 🙂


2 thoughts on “The cutest things in life

  1. you have the most beautiful children in the world. I know because I am their Grandma and I am allowed to be biased. But every moment that I spend with them brings a tear to my eye as I realise that slowly they are growing up and one day won’t want to hug and kiss Grandma as much, so I cherish every moment spent with them.

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