Quick hospital update

Well, we have been in Princess Margaret Hospital for a few days now, and since I am not allowed to access Facebook from the only parent computer, I will use my blog to update everyone of how we are.

The PICC line was put in the young one’s arm on Monday morning, with no dramas. So far so good…no blockages or dislodging!! He has had a bit of bleeding and swelling from it, but he still seems to going ok.
He has won over a lot of hearts amungst the staff, and even got to cosy up to Miss Universe on Monday afternoon (hilarious story there…but will have to keep that until later!) and this afternoon we may get a chance to catch up with the Perth Wildcats basketball players.
We are still holding out hope to get transferred to our local hospital by about Sunday or Monday…we are just waiting to hear if they will have room for us back home.

Other than that, everything is fine

Will try to keep you updated more in the future!
Bella 🙂


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