We are home!! I don’t just mean back in my home town, I am writing this from my own living room!! YAAAAY!!!

So now for the full run down.

We did the long trip to Perth, for the second time in a week, last Sunday and booked into the hospital (hmm…that sounds as if we were booking into a hotel, doesn’t it? Far from it!)

On the Monday morning, he went into theatre to have his PICC line put in to his arm.

He came out of theatre pretty easily this time. The anethetist gave him a little something while he was still under so he wouldn’t go as mental when he woke from the anesthesia (like he did last time)

That afternoon they started some heavy-duty antibiotics. These drugs are so strong that they have to do blood tests to check levels to make sure that they aren’t too high as it can cause permanent deafness! Scary!!

So, two weeks of intravenous antibiotics are due. To be followed with six weeks of nebulizers, twice daily, and strong oral antibiotics (not sure how often those ones are yet…but I have been told they taste foul, so we will see how that goes down….if they go down that is!)


We had an absolute blast in the Perth hospital. When he wasnt hooked up to medicine, we were reigning terror on the corridors of Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). There is something to do or see on every floor. We didn’t go into any of the other wards. We weren’t even allowed to wander around too much on our ward as the were two other CF patients on the floor, but we spent a lot of time on the entertainment floor which has heaps of video games, arcade games (the young one loved the game where the croc heads peep out and you have to bash them over the head), clown doctors, Captain Starlight, artc/craft. You name it, they probably have it!

Every now and then, they get special guests into the Starlight room. On the Monday, we got to meet to Miss Universe Australia. Absolutely stunning girl! She was giving out cuddles and taking photos with the kids. When is was the young one’s turn, she bent down, arms out ready for a cuddle…but at the same time, he noticed the fish tank behind her and when running straight past her yelling “FISH!!!!!” The only problem, he still can’t pronounce “f’s” yet…he replaces them with a “b”…so with replacing that single letter, you can imagine what five-letter word Miss Universe though he yelled at her as he ran past!! The look of shock was absolutely classic! I had to very quickly explain “Fish….FISH!!!” to ease the tension. I have a photo of them cozying up against the fish tank looking at all the Nemo’s and Dory’s.

On the Wednesday, the Perth Wildcats basketball players paid a visit. We missed them unfortunately, but no doubt they were making good use of the outdoor basketball court.

By Friday, we got the all clear to be transferred back home to our local hospital. My god…never going to do it again! I always knew that our local hospital sucked, but we have only ever really had anything to do with the maternity section…where they were wonderful.  At 2am on Saturday morning, I was ready to throw my son back in the car and hightail it back to Perth. Eventually, the local hospital got themselves sorted, but we had already made arrangements for us to be able to go home and have someone visit the house to administer his antibiotics. It is so nice to be sitting in my comfy recliner, catching up on my taped tv shows,  and having a glass of wine. The young one is pretty happy to have the tv rights to himself in the play room as my older three are staying with the parentals for a few more days while he is still having IV medications. We are due to finish those this coming Monday, possibly Tuesday.

To look at him, you would have absolutely no idea that he is sick, except that he has an IV line coming out of his arm. He is his usual rambunctious self.

So I will keep you updated with his progress over the next few weeks.

Bella 🙂


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