Current pseudomona update

A few days ago, the young one had his PICC line removed (the long-term IV line)….join with me as I yell YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

The last few days a nurse had been coming to the house to administer his medications. I was incredibly happy to be away from the hospital. Our local hospital is old and very boring! They are in the process of building a new one….lets hope there are more things for children to do in the new one!.

Now the PICC line is out, such begins the next step of treatments, which is 6 weeks of oral antibiotics (Ciprofloxin) and nebulizers (Tobromycin). The oral tablets obviously taste foul as the little bloke shudders every time he swallows them, despite them being buried deep in apple puree. But at least he is eating them with no real problems and there are no ill side effects!

Everyone asks me if he is getting better. Well…I hope so! If it wasnt for the test results, we would actually have no idea that he was sick. He is still his usual cheeky, rambunctious self. He is by far our worst “terrible two’s” that we have experienced, and the attitude and tantrums certainly havent decreased with the Pseudomonas!

But I will continue to get you all updated as treatments continue. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes!

Bella 🙂



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