CF fat boosting tips

Learning to cook for CF person is a total learning curve. From a young age, it is drummed in to you LOW SALT!! LOW FAT!! So when it comes to cooking in the total opposite manner, you struggle to know where to start!

This is a topic that I have come across in many online CF support communities, and just recently a blog follower and fellow CF-mum asked me for some ideas on how to boost the fat content in our children’s meals, so I thought I would share a few ingredients that we have used over the last couple of years as boosters.

Avocado can be used in a variety of ways

Avocado: It is filled with natural fats. I have read somewhere that a teaspoon of avocado has about 13g fat. Add a bit to casseroles, mix with banana and yoghurt, or even add a touch to pureed potatoes for the younger ones who are just starting on solids (if they don’t like it on its own that is!)

Cream: Smother fruit with cream at snack times. Use it instead of milk when making mashed potato (or any other milky dish for that matter) Use in scrambled eggs or omelettes. You can also add dollops into pancake mixes (or any cake mix). Add to custard, which can also be used over fruit, or as a yummy snack on its own.

Use whipped cream on desserts, or hey…squirt it straight from the can into your mouth…we have all done it!

Yoghurt: Use over fruit, or a snack on its own. At breakfast, use it over mushy weetbix (good for those starting on solids) as it gives better flavour than using cream, not to mention all the healthy cultures in it help little tummies!

Gravy: It’s not necessarily fatty (depends on how you make it I guess) but its great for boosting salt. It’s also great for hiding a child’s arch-nemisis…..vegetables!

Cheese: I use a lot of cheese in my potato dishes. You can also put it over pasta, or vegetables. Macaroni cheese, omelettes or add to hotdogs…there are heaps of ways you can use cheese!

Ice cream sundae, anyone??

Full cream milk: Milkshakes are a yummy way to boost calories and get calcium intake.

Ice cream: With topping, of course!

Lamb: It’s a good fatty meat, great for all sort of dishes.

Biscuits: Cover them in icing, or butter, to help boost fat content.

Chips, crisps or popcorn (covered in butter and salt) make great snacks too!

Dont forget to add oil, butter and salt (the “goodies”) to as many meals as possible. Deep fry or shallow fry when ever you can, if it’s not possible, spray with a bit of cooking oil before serving.

If you are feeling a bit out of your element and are struggling to come up with meal plans for your little CF-er (like I did in the first twelve months!), buy some frozen meals (tv dinners like Lean Cuisine meals) and add your “goodies” to them to boost fat until you feel confident in preparing meals. I had found it hard to cook a meal for my older children, a high fat meal for my youngest, then a different meal for my husband and I (who eat considerably later) so to throw a frozen meal in the microwave while cooking for the other kids took a considerable amount of stress off me.

I think I have just about run out of ideas now, and I hope this is of use to some people, and please feel free to share your tips!

Bella 🙂

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