Life in the world of “Poop”

Okay, I know, not the greatest of subjects, but any CF parent will understand its meaning.

Approach with caution!

I have mentioned before that my son with cystic fibrosis isn’t pancreatic sufficient. This means his pancreas doesn’t secrete enzymes which break down the fat in his foods for him to absorb. This is why he has to take a multitude of tablets every day, before he eats anything with a fat content, to help him thrive.

Our first indication that something is going on in his body, is his dirty nappies. They stink like nothing you have ever smelled before, and have a distinct look when we have stuffed up with tablets. If he hasn’t had enough, he becomes very loose and you can see undigested food. (HA! I can already picture the looks of disgust on your faces!) If we have given too many, constipation can become an issue.

If I talk to any CF parent about dealing with poop, they all nod their heads knowingly. This is a normal subject for CF parents, well, it is for the parents I have come across!

I have to share a funny story that happened recently. My two youngest sons go to the same daycare as another CF boy (don’t worry, our kids aren’t in the same rooms as they are different ages, so cross-contamination isn’t an issue!) This other mum has recently had a baby, and we were discussing the possibility of the new baby having cystic fibrosis like her big brother.

EEEWW!! You said WHAT happens?!?!

One of the daycare workers was standing with us as we had our conversation, quietly listening, picking up some new information along the way. We talked about the little features which may mean a diagnosis, the baby’s build (she may just be petite in frame), or the wind (it could be regular colic, or it could be malabsorption related), the salty skin, etc.

Then we got to the point of talking about the contents of nappies. We started talking in great detail about the appearance. It was a completely normal conversation to us, but the daycare worker’s face slowly start to contort into a look of horror! She admitted it was interesting to learn about CF through our conversations, but this was a subject that was probably a “too much information” kind of topic. It was hilarious to see! At least we could laugh about it. Hopefully we haven’t scared her off any more conversations!

So if you get a couple of CF parents together, my suggestion is that if you don’t want to start hearing all the dirty details…back off slowly! LOL

Bella 🙂


3 thoughts on “Life in the world of “Poop”

  1. Love the humor in your posts as you pass along information. This one caught my attention, because as a family childcare provider of over 20 years “poop” is a major part of my daily conversations also. It’s with the children as changing them, potty training them and then with parents as share daily activities, development and needs.
    Poop is a real focus for evaluating the healthy functioning of one’s body.

    • Thanks 🙂

      It is indeed a normal conversation for parents (and child care workers), but for CF parents, it tends to go into greater detail, and they are much worse than the usual child’s poop (even when they are sick) and this is why we grossed out the daycare worker…I still giggle over the conversation!


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