Dig deep

It’s that time of year again.

It is when celebrities from around the country (even the globe) fly into Perth, Western Australia to hold a non-stop, 25 hour television presentation where they answer phones, put on acts, and read out pledges. This is all in the bid to raise as much money as possible towards Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

This amazing event is called Telethon.

It was started in 1968 to help raise money for medical research, expensive medical equipment and make life  more fun for those sick children in hospital. Since then, it has grown, with businesses all over the country raising and donating money. Houses are built, then auctioned, with all proceeds going towards the grand total. Auctions are created in the expectation of donations.

These days, if you call up, you have a high chance of speaking to one of your favourite Aussie celebrities. They will do almost anything to help pull your money in. They sing, they will dance…you may even get a quick strip show from some of the males!! They even give opportunities to various unknown acts, young and old, to showcase their talents on live t.v.

Its amazing at the generosity of people. When they started in 1968, they raised $104, 829 (a lot of money then) and last year there was a record of about $12 million!!!

I see personally how well this money gets used. I wish we didn’t have to, but I am glad to see how the money is spent and how much it benefits W.A families.

So I am writing about this today to urge everyone to donate! I don’t care if you aren’t even in Western Australia!!

1300 737 507- CALL NOW!!!!! Or even check out their Facebook page

I certainly am!

Bella 🙂


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