The winner is…ME!!!

I can be fairly egotistical. When it comes to my blog, I am so proud of it that I can help but brag about it. Just recently, thanks to some good friends spreading the word about this site, the amount of daily views has skyrocketed, as has the amount of fans on my Facebook fan page. I have been given heaps of ideas for blog topics. Thank you to all!

But I am writing this post because I have something new to brag about…I have been given the Kreative Blogger award!! The very lovely, A Morning Grouch, sent the award over (don’t be fooled by the name!)

It’s a great feeling knowing that people are enjoying my little rants and mindless dribble!

Now, there are stipulations in behind accepting the award. I have to reveal seven things about myself, and pass the award on to ten other bloggers. So here we go:

Revelation 1: I am scared of the dark and the ocean. Both fears started when I was about 15 years old. The fear of darkness started when I thought that someone was walking up the side of our house, and standing outside my bedroom window for about six months. I used to hear leaves crunching up the side passage, stop outside my window, and the walk back after about half an hour. I never had the guts to peer out, but was so scared I started sleeping with a screwdriver ready to stab anyone who came through the window!

 The fear of the ocean started around the same time, but have no explanation as to why. I used to love swimming at the beach. All of a sudden, if I couldn’t see the bottom, I would panic and not go any further. My husband thinks I’m weird that I never want to go on a cruise ship because of my fear of the ocean.

Revelation 2: I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It hurts like all buggery!! An IBS attack is more painful than labour (and I have had four of those…two of them had no pain relief!) Pork triggers that attacks for me. I would give anything to be able to eat  roast pork, or sweet and sour pork…but its not worth the pain!

Revelation 3: I’m a massive Joss Whedon fan. I love all his shows, obsessive really. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly….love ’em!

Revelation 4:  I’m a huge fan of historical romances. Julie Garwood is my favourite author, you should definitely check her out. “Ransom” is by far her best book, it was the first one I ever read. She also does modern-day thriller/romances.

Revelation 5: I completely, 100%, believe in ghosts.

Revelation 6: I was heavily involved in netball. I played, I coached, I umpired. I was better at the latter two. I did all three at a regional level regularly. As a player, I was average. I used to play up to five times a week, as a defence player. Wing Defence was my best position. The teams I coached always did pretty well. I was also picked to go to a state umpiring camp once. I was the youngest person there, at the age of thirteen. I miss netball. I stopped getting involved due to work commitments, then kids came along. Now, pregnancy messed up my Achilles heel that I probably wont be able to play again.

Revelation 7: I am ashamed to say I was insanely obsessed with Twilight. I honestly don’t know what came over me. Usually, hype turns me off a movie or book. I have never become so obsessed with anything in my life. It was all I talked about for months, I could not put the books down and I scoured the internet for any goss I could get. I’m am now proud to say I have been completely rehabilitated. I still enjoy the books and movies, but I can now shut the book, turn the tv off….and forget about it!

OK, on to my recommendations for the award. You definitely need to check out the following blogs:

Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum

Canadian CF Mom


Rantings of a loon

Alissa Anderton

A Morning Grouch (yes, I’m sending an award back!)

Mommy Confessions

Mommy Ramblings

These aren’t really blogs, but you should check them out anyway:

Funtastic Early Childhood Ideas

Learning for Life

Again, thanks for taking an interest in my crazy life!

Bella 🙂


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