Happy Birthday to the Queen of England…from my son

Last Friday, Western Australia celebrated the Queen of England’s birthday, despite the fact that her actual birthday is sometime in February…I think. To honor Her Majesty, the state is given a public holiday (the rest of Australia celebrate it earlier in the year)

This year, Her Majesty happened to be in Perth for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) at the time the state was in celebration.

CHOGM 2011

My eldest son, who is six years-old and has Global Development Delay, was obviously told by his school teacher last Thursday that it was the Queen’s birthday the next day, and that was why they didn’t have to attend school. My son was incredibly excited.

He came running out of class at the end of the day, saying “MUM! Mum! Guess what!! It’s the Queen’s birthday tomorrow!”

Me: “Yes it is, buddy. Guess what! She is in Perth at the moment, too!” ( for those who don’t realise, we live 450km away from Perth!)

His eyes light up and he went racing back inside to tell his teacher his latest findings. When he came back out of the class room, he announced “It’s the Queen’s birthday tomorrow, and we are going to her party!”

I had a little giggle, and broke the news: “Sorry, buddy. She isn’t having a birthday party, so we aren’t going!”

"But I wanna go!"

Well….the water works nearly started right then and there!!


I had to go on to explain that she lives in England, in a big castle in London, and that is where she has her birthday parties. England is another country and there is a lot of water between Australia and England.

“But how do we get to England?”

I told him he could either fly over the water or go on a boat.

“But, I only have hands…I cant fly! *groan* I’ll have to go by boat then

I had to break more bad news…he still wasn’t allowed to go to England! But I gave him an option which made him much happier. I said he could write a birthday letter to the Queen, and I would send it for him.

He still talks about England constantly, I told him that he can go when he is eighteen years old and can get a passport to go (he really wants to see English snow!), and he tells me every day “The Queen’s birthday is finished now!”

His card for her is nearly ready, but can anyone tell me where I can send it for him?

Bella 🙂


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