Good news

We finally got the phone call with  results of my son’s bronchoscopy. He doesn’t have Pseudomonas anymore!



 Yesterday passed by without a word from the hospital, and that little knot of worry started forming in my stomach. If results come back clear, we normally find out by Monday afternoons. I was already forming plans in my head of how I was going to get to Perth with my son so he could go into hospital, what I would take, and mentally arranging a car for my husband to stay home with the other three children.

The wait must have been getting to my husband, as when I came home from work early this afternoon, he had called the hospital himself to ask for results. A couple of hours later (after being told that they would call him back) the phone rang. The Pseudomonas have been eradicated.

However…he does have another (different) bacteria growing in his lungs, but they aren’t terribly worried about it. He is to go on Tobramycin nebulizers for at least two weeks to kill his current chest infection.

So while it wasnt all great news, it was still a relief.

Life continues as normal…well…as normal as normal is in this crazy household!

Bella 🙂


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