New goals

The first step is admitting it. I am overweight. I have been for quite some time. I have heard that putting it out in public, such as blogging, can help you maintain focus. So that is what I am doing.

I know how I got to this point. Put simply, I love my food! Having four kids certainly helped to pile on the kilos, but I’m not blaming my kids for my weaknesses. I put on 20kg during my pregnancy with my first pregnancy, and 10kg with the subsequent two.

Blasted baby weight!

 I didn’t gain any weight with my youngest, but I believe the fact that he had to draw so much energy out of me to keep himself alive due to the CF, so I call him my little “life sucking force”

I craved eggs with my first pregnancy, tomato sauce (which went best on top of a meat pie…of course) during my second pregnancy, cold glasses of Coke during my third, and funnily enough, juicy fruits ie. watermelon and strawberries with my fourth.

The fact I fell pregnant so quick after each child didn’t give me much opportunity to lose any baby weight. Then there is also the fact, I didn’t exactly try to lose it in between pregnancies either.

Then I fell into the trap of going along with the high fat/high salt diet that my youngest has to have for his cystic fibrosis. It is so easy to grab a few chips, eat a few lollies….etc.

So, my husband is being supportive and going on a diet with me (since I tend to fall off the bandwagon rather quickly once he has reached his goal weight) We are currently following the Rapid Loss program. It’s very easy and uses simple science rather than gimmicks.

We started two days ago, and I have lost 1.5kg already! It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a start.

I just want a friggin cheeseburger!

I am restricted to 1200 calories a day (my husband can have 1500 a day). We are trying out new recipes, which I am going to share on my blog. So far, the food has been pretty good (though last night’s Cajun Chicken didn’t go quite so well. We may need to tweak a few ingredients!) The hardest thing I am dealing with right now is finding meals that I can take for lunch while I am at work, which is non-stop and you dont really have time to have a proper meal. Basically, I know need to get my butt in gear and make the salads the night before.

My goal is to lose 35-40kg (I know…woah!!) So follow along, give advice, kick me up the bum if I need it, or grab some ideas yourself!

Bella 🙂


7 thoughts on “New goals

  1. Good on you Bel! Lunch ideas that I have – crackers with philly cheese, ryvitas with cottage cheese, tomato and ham, frozen WW meals (assuming you have a microwave at work), make up a quiche and take that with some salad, make up savoury muffins, even just fruit salad with some yoghurt is nice.

    I think the trick to it is to plan and prepare before hand. I have a white board up on my fridge with what I am making each night for dinner. It helps me stay focused and prepared because if I don’t have my plan up (which I haven’t had whilst teaching this term) it is so easy to grab whatever or choose takeaway and that is not a good thing on both your waist or your purse!!

    As for exercise, you don’t have to go full slog at anything – just walk. That’s all I do and I have lost 20kg. It’s easy to fit in, even if you just march on the spot to get your body moving if you can’t get out of the house! Every little bit helps.

    I have complete confidence in you Bel, you sound like you are in the right frame of mind and thats exactly where you need to be to succeed 🙂

    Good luck!!! xx

    • Thanks Connie!

      We have already taken some of those tips on board and we have a weekly sheet of what we are going to have for lunch and dinner. It reminds us to take things out of the freezer as well, since lately we have been approaching dinner time and realising nothing was defrosted, so we would take the easy option of takeout or unhealthy frozen meals.

      Unfortuantely, being on the road for our business, we dont have access to a microwave or kettle for lunch, so salads and cold meat are the best options. They are also easy enough to make up the night before (if I remember! lol…which is where the weekly planner comes in)

      It’s not the easiest time of year to be starting a diet, I know, but we are determined.

      Every 5kg lost, we are going to reward ourselves with things like clothes, holidays, I may even use one reward to get the tattoo I have been wanting for a while!

      But after following your loss, Connie, you are just the right type of person I want encouragement and ass-booting from!! lol

  2. Good luck – yes probably admitting it out there in the blogosphere is a brave move – I have struggled with weight gain and loss & have no children to blame it on!! I have maintained my weight now for 2 years with a slight gain in between, but it is ‘doable’, it will be worth it.

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