Little white lie

All parents will agree that they have used “little white lies” to get their kids to do something (eg. “If you keep pulling that face, the wind will change and your face will stay that way forever!”) Any parents who says they have never done this, is telling a little white lie!

But I have come up with the best thing EVER to keep my kids in bed at night…well actually, they came up with it, and I just ran with it.

While going through the usual motions of tucking the kids into bed for the night, my eldest son and daughter (who share a room) pointed to a star outside the window, saying it was the “Second star to the right, and straight through to morning. That’s where Neverland is, Mum!”

This could work.....


A light bulb light up in my head.

Totally exasperated with our night-time rituals, I decided to embellish on their favourite story of Peter Pan.

“That’s right. If you are really, really good, and stay in bed, and don’t jump around on your bed, Peter Pan will come to your window to take you to Neverland! Tinkerbell has special fairy dust to help you fly. BUT…they only come to good kids.”


Their little eyes lit up…but my heart sank. I hadn’t thought this one through very well. What would happen in the morning when they wake up and realise that Peter Pan didn’t come to their window the night before??

“But remember guys, he is really busy. There are a lot of kids he needs to take to Neverland, or he might be fighting Captain Hook, so he may not come” (Nice one, Bella…you got out of that one nicely!)

They were really understanding, Peter Pan is a very busy boy after all, on all his swashbuckling adventures!

But the best thing of all….it worked!! I have not heard a peep out of them all night, and I have four children passed out cold in their beds right now, without any dramas. I honestly cannot remember the last time this happened!

I am storing this little idea in my back pocket for the next night they are driving me up the wall with their antics. You are welcome to poach the idea yourself!

Night all

Bella 🙂


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