CF Folklore Story

 The term “65 Roses” came about when a young boy couldn’t pronounce cystic fibrosis. You can find the full story behind it here.

This exact scenario happened to me today.

I was driving along in the car, with my eldest son (almost 7yrs) and my daughter (5.5yrs) who both have Global Development Delay in the backseat.

We passed an ambulance racing off to an emergency, sirens blasting and lights blazing. The kids were very excited. My son turned around and said “My mummy has been in an ambulance!”

“That’s right, buddy! When your little brother was a baby and he was very sick.”

“The ambulance took you to the airport.”

“That’s right. We went on a special doctor’s aeroplane to hospital in Perth. He is still a little bit sick. Can you remember what he has that makes him sick?” (I am slowly trying to get them to understand that my youngest son has cystic fibrosis, and that is why he has medicine daily and has special exercises)

“Sixty-five roses!” he replied.

I just about cried! The folklore story of 65 Roses Day came to my mind instantly. It makes our upcoming 65 Roses Day all the more special now. (25th May…just thought I would remind you all! lol) He said it without hesitation and without prompting. I was so proud of him!

Dont forget that you can donate online to our 65 Roses Day fundraiser at the link below:

I just had share this little story. It was one of those moments that melted my heart!

Bella 🙂



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