Being as CF parents can be likened to the military. I know that sounds weird, but let me explain…

If there is a call to arms in the military, men and women everywhere drop what they are doing and rush to help. There is a certain type of friendship and understanding between them. They understand what another is feeling, can relate to their experiences, they trust each other totally. This is called “camaraderie”.

Being a parent to cystic fibrosis is no different. If someone calls out that they are having a bad day, or need help/advice, there are a mass of people who will drop what they are doing to offer their support. Whether it’s a virtual hug online, or a pat on the shoulder saying “There, there.” Everyone nods along when you relate your experiences. They know. They have been there. They have lived it.

I have met many wonderful people since my son’s diagnosis. There are some that I have physically met, and others who have only shared our experiences online, but there is a connection with these people that I struggle to have with people I have known my whole life.

These people are fellow war fighters.

From our experiences, no matter what our background is. We have a common ground that allows us to bond in a way that others cannot. I find myself being able to open up and talk to these people in ways never before. Instantly, I felt like I had known these people my whole life. They know my most inner self like their own best friend. Like being in the military, it can only take first-hand experience to be able to truly understand.

I am thankful for my comrades. Who knows where I would be today with out them. I hope they know exactly how special they are.

Bella 🙂


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