Still here!

I haven’t written a post in over two months, but I am alive….barely…but I am still kicking.


Our family has had a horrible winter, with the flu hitting the house hard (not a bad cold, a real flu!) I have had it twice so far this season, and I am currently on day 13 (I think, I have lost count!) of my second flu, and this one has absolutely knocked me for six! For the first week I was in a lot of pain, coughing to the point of vomiting (eeew!!) and could barely move. My husband has been absolutely wonderful looking after me and the kids, who also came down sick.
I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I just havent had the energy to even look at it, let alone use the noggin to write something! It’s great to see that despite my silence, it has still been generating a lot of hits!

I have a lot of topics to get to from recent months. My youngest son had his annual review a few weeks ago. My daughter has one very long story to catch up on with her latest diagnosis (or lack thereof). My eldest son has his own story to tell too. I am also hoping to have follow-up’s of both the Mara and MacFarlane diagnosis stories.
So keep your eyes peeled. This stories will probably trickle out slowly, but they will be done!

In the meantime, please send all healthy vibes our way!

Bella 🙂


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