More about me…

I have been struggling to think of topics to write about, but came across this questionnaire called the “ABC’s of ME” on Love, Laughter and Lipstick’s blog page. A family member who reads my blog said I should write more about myself, thought that I would also give this a go.

A – Available or Married?

Very much married. It will be our second wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks, but we will have been together for ten years this October.

B – Book?

I love romances. Give me a Mills and Boon and it will be finished in a couple of hours. My favourite author is Julie Garwood, she does both historical romances and modern-day crime romances.
I also like series such as Hunger Games, House of Night, Vampire Academy etc (oh, and you should all  give the Divergent trilogy a try before it gets made into a movie!)

C – Cake or Pie?

Cake- but it is a hard choice between a triple chocolate cake, or a chocolate honeycomb cheesecake.



D – Drink of Choice

Coffee. I have pure caffeine running through my veins some days!! Oh, and wine….of course!!! 😉

E – Essential Item?

I can not leave home without my purse, phone and (obviously) keys. I will have an anxiety attack if I lose just one of these three!

F – Favorite Color?

Deep emerald green

G – Game to Play or Watch?

I really enjoy Crash Bandicoot games on our Xbox (I am currently playing “Mind over Mutant”) “Scene It?” is also pretty good too.

H – Hometown?

Albany, Western Australia

I – Indulgence?

Clothes-and probably more often than I should!

J – Job?

Domestic slave to four kids! I also help out hubby with his cleaning business occasionally.

K – Kids?

Yes. It may be time to introduce the kids on my blog. Aaron is almost 8yrs, Eva is 6.5yrs, Ethan is 5.5yrs and Cameron is almost 4yrs.
Aaron and Eva are the two that have Global Development Delay, and Cameron has cystic fibrosis. Ethan is my little sanity-saver!

Ethan (left), Eva (back), Cameron (front) and Aaron (left)

Ethan (left), Eva (back), Cameron (front) and Aaron (right)

L – Life is incomplete without?

My family

M – Music group or singer?

Both. It’s hard to pick my favourite of each, but I really like Nickleback, and my kids and I love all of Bruno Mars’ songs (although, I am addicted to Guy Sebastian at the moment too!)

N – Number of siblings?

Three younger half brothers

O – Oranges or Apples?

Strawberries actually….but probably oranges, I prefer soft and juicy fruits over crunchy.

P – Phobias / Fears?

I’m scared of the dark, there always has to be a little bit of light on, especially when I am home alone at night. I’m also scared of deep water. My biggest fear would have to be being trapped inside something under water (like a car, or boat cabin) You will never ever catch me in a shark cage (not that I am that scared of sharks…but I don’t really want to be anywhere near one! Just being in the cage though would be enough to just about have me screaming!) I don’t even want to go on a cruise ship in case it goes down and we can’t see land (ok, I know even if we could still see land, we would still be miles from shore, but I would die trying my hardest to get there, instead of not seeing land and wondering if you were even swimming in the right direction!)

Q – Favorite Quote?

“Life is not about how many breaths you take, but how many moments take your breath away”

R – Reason to smile?

My family (even though they are also the reason for my early grey hairs!)

S – Season?

I prefer the cooler weather because it is easier to warm yourself up than it is to cool yourself down. Autumn is probably my favourite as it’s not too cold. The leaves are a  pretty colour then too.

T – Tattoos?

No, but I do have a small design in mind. I’m using it as a reward for my weight loss (when I eventually get there)

The logo is the design I want for a tattoo, then I am thinking the words "Just breathe" underneath it.

The logo is the design I want for a tattoo, then I am thinking the words “Just breathe” written underneath it.

U – Unknown fact about me?

I cant wink! If I try, I look like I’m having some sort of facial spasm!

V – Vegetable you love?

Technically, tomato is a fruit…so probably…gherkins at the moment

W – Worst habit?

My husband could probably rattle off a few, but I hate hanging out washing. I don’t mind putting it in the machine and pushing a button, and I don’t mind folding it….it is the crucial step in the middle that I tend to put off. Too many times loads have had to be rewashed because they have been sitting in the machine too long.

X – X rays you have had?

Mostly on my lungs for quite a few chest infections. About 9yrs ago I got my thumb stuck in the car door and turned it into a painful “S” shape…luckily I have fat thumbs, so the bones weren’t effected. Pretty sure I have had one on my ankle before from a netball injury too.

Y – your favorite food?

I am addicted to Panzanella at the moment. I posted up the recipe a while ago. Since then, I have added crumbled feta cheese, avocado cubes and finely chopped spinach leaves to it, and I am eating by the tub full!

Z – Zodiac?

I am a Libran

Let us know what your “ABC’s” are, publish the link in the comments below so that we can all get to know you too!

Bella 🙂


2 thoughts on “More about me…

  1. You wouldnt like me once Im done
    A married
    B Enid Blyton nut
    C Pie…apple and Rhubarb
    D vodka
    E hair straightener
    F Teal
    G Tony Hawks anything…..
    H Perth gal
    I white organic chocolate…pinot…..a cigar…
    J Owl wench/artist/breeder
    K 2…Asha 7 cfer……CJ 12…non cfer
    L humour
    M changes daily….today……The Wombats
    N three sisters (half…and dont like me very much)
    O oranges….blood oranges…orange oil…and my famous Middle Eastern Orange Cake….
    P -fears…of snakes….climbing into my bed….nestling on my tummy…thanks to an old army story of a soldier on course….in his sleeping bag…..found taipan curled up on his tummy…everytime he moved….he got bitten….*gag*
    Q “evegeerything shall pass”
    R people like my owls and spend ridiculous amounts on them
    S pring
    Two tatts….a rose on my shoulder…faded…old and the cf rose on my wrist
    Unknown…i have an innense dislike for wasing my hair because it weaves its way through my hands…tickles me…like spiders webs
    Vege….brussels sprouts
    Nose picker…pointy boogers that you get from PMH air conditioner
    X ankle from getting drunk and sustaining corkscrew #… and accident
    Y indian….an ass blowing dhal with basmati rice
    Z aries…abrupt…impatient….loud……

  2. Good idea – love reading some of the personal info! Don’t know how you have FOUR KIDS! I have one and am thinking 1-2 total is PLENTY! Yes, lots of love and laughter, but also true about the gray hairs!

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