Take a step back!

Both hubby and I are AFL (Australian Rules Football) followers, majorly supporting Hawthorn Football club. This is a topic I wouldn’t normally talk about, but it is a joint rant from the both of us.

If you are an Australian, it is pretty hard to miss the headlines at the moment about drug doping in the sport, with one particular club under fire, and this post is mainly about the broad brush at the moment that is used to paint negativity over the entire Australian sporting fraternity.

The media, like always, have blown this issue completely out of proportion, with a lot of finger-pointing at a lot of players and clubs who are probably innocent.

A majority are having their clean images tarnished because of the actions of a few.

drug dopingNo, we don’t want to see drug use and match fixing in Australian sport, and this in no way excuses the actions of those who are guilty. But we need to remember that the majority who are not involved should NOT be painted with the same brush, and should not be viewed with suspicion with they are adamant about their innocence.

The media and public need to take a step back, take a breather, and let the police, and other involved agencies do their work and filter out the real perpetrators!

Australia has always maintained a “holier than thou” attitude when it come to doping. We don’t want all Australian athletes viewed with negativity from around the world. Not all players/athletes are under the influence. The fingers shouldn’t be pointed at all of them because of one idiotic choice made by certain high-profile sportsmen.

When it comes to match fixing, we need to remember that where there is money, there is manipulation! Although we don’t believe this is as rife in Australia as it is in other countries (**cough, cough….South Africa …cough, cough **) the window is open and no one is forced to place bets on games, as the game can be enjoyed without it.

We have serious concerns how the AFL season, which is due to start soon, is to be effected by these allegations. Will winners be declared cheaters? Will losers be declared as “tankers”? Will injuries be viewed with suspicion? Will athletes ever be able to play comfortably without constantly looking over their shoulders or constantly questioning their medical staff’s intentions? Will coaches and managers ever be able to trust their player’s word?

It’s time to take a back seat and let the cards fall as they may. Attack those who have been found guilty later on. Let everyone else get on with the game!

Bella and (for the first time as a guest) Mark 🙂


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