Are we really that different?

Time to jump back on the soapbox, grab my hubby to join me, and express our opinions to the world…

Every election, an “old” highly debated topic pops up. Same sex marriage.

Should it be allowed? Should it be outlawed? Do we have the right to dictate how other people choose to live their life?

The answer to that last question is…NO!

We live in a free country, where the choices we make in life, in regards to our sexual preference, shouldn’t open to debate. We should be allowed to be who we are without prejudice, and not be influenced by religious beliefs.

We bring you here today...for equality!

We bring you here today…for equality!

You can argue that love and marriage should be shared be between a man and a woman, but not everyone is the same. Our differences are what  make us individuals. Why should these people be open to prejudice and ridicule?

These certain people are just trying to express their love in the same way as everyone else. Who are we to deny that?

Will a same-sex marriage affect your own marriage? No! Will it affect your day-to-day life? No!

If you are against same-sex marriage, will you like it? Obviously not! But  there are always thing happening  that we don’t necessarily agree with or stand for, but are beyond our control. People should not…can not…be denied their freedom of choice regardless of religious or other beliefs.

We have a lot of friends who are in same-sex relationships, and are desperate to make the next step with their partner. They take their relationships very seriously, more so than quite a few other friends (and celebrities!)

We all crave that deep connection with someone meaningful. Everyone should be allowed to express this equally…without damnation.

Although this post is short and highly debatable, the points we need to remember are “Does is affect us as individuals?” and  “Does religion have a place in politics?”
We live in a country based on the freedom of choice, and at the end of the day, “they” are our own, and should be cared for as such.

Bella and Mark 🙂


2 thoughts on “Are we really that different?

  1. I agree……and I cannot see how if we allowed Same Sex marriages….it could affect the sanctity of marriage?????…..seriously…the stats of mixed marriages aint much chop…religion is necessary…..however when it starts to interfere with politics….its unfair….its open to public perceptions…its not a valid arguement……especially when its thrown around the political arena and used to gain votes….disgusting!!!

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