Expectations of the modern mum

The 50's housewife

The 50’s housewife

While browsing one of my parenting forums recently, I came across a post from a mother who felt overwhelmed by the pressure of being a “do-it-all” working mum. It inspired a blog post and I thought I would share my words of wisdom.

As mothers, we are our own worst enemies. We expect way to much of ourselves, because we feel that is what “society” demands from us. The bar is set so high, that we often set up ourselves for disappointment and stress.

We are to be the “50’s housewives” who prepare homemade, wholesome meals for our families, keep the house sparkling clean, cater to our husband’s/partner’s every need, keep our kids in full control all while looking immaculate.

We are now expected to be able to drag ourselves away from the arms of our children and contribute to the workforce and household finances.
Men being the sole bread-winner are a thing of the past, however, “society” expects us to fulfill the “50’s housewife” role as well.

Then there is the modern-day reality…

The modern "do-it-all" mum

The modern “do-it-all” mum

We are willing to throw a store-bought, pre-cooked meal in the oven for 40min before slapping it on plates in front of our family. Our homes have dust bunnies- waving at us in plain sight. Our husbands/partners are occasionally left hanging. Kids draw on walls and climb the curtains while running around the house like cowboys and indians in full battle-mode.
We are also often seen in tracksuits, spew and coffee-stained t-shirts while our hair has distant memories of a brush.

And you know what?? That is acceptable too!

I am proud to be the modern mum I described. My family is happy and thriving. That is the only thing that society really expects of us.

Don’t judge yourself, or others, on the stereotype of a bygone era.


A mother's reality- take some time out for yourself!

A mother’s reality- take some time out for yourself!

Sit down, grab a magazine, chuck in some earphones to drown out the noise of screaming kids, and smell the coffee! Your family…and your sanity…will thank you for it!

Bella 🙂


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