Good part, bad part, funny part

I want to share a little game/ritual we have in our household. I actually got this idea from another mother at school while waiting for our kids to exit class.
Our kids, particularly our eldest, Aaron, was having a hard time at school. He was being bullied relentlessly by another student, and was struggling with anxiety. He wouldn’t tell us much of what had happened at school, and we would usually find out details from his siblings, or even other students.

So we started sharing our days in a fun way around the dinner table.

Each night, we all take a turn of sharing what was our best part, bad part, and the funniest thing that we saw/heard or did that day.

The “good” part is usually about the meal (to compliment the chef!) and ranges from winning an award, getting to play a certain game enjoyed at school, or, in the parent’s case, it could be that we finished work early that day.

The “bad” part is where things get interesting. This is where we find out if they are having a hard time at school, or if they hurt themselves during the day, or if they have had a fight with one of their friends. In the parental case, it might be that we had a really yucky job that day, etc. We share the bad experiences, and we work together to figure out a way to solve the issue.

The “funny” part was an idea of the kids. We didn’t originally have this part, but they wanted to finish on a good note. Usually this is a joke they heard at school, or funny experience, like Dad singing “Let it go” really loudly, or someone farted at an inappropriate time, or the cat playing with a toy crazily.

It is one of the most anticipated parts of our day, and no one is exempt, even dinner guests! But we relish being able to share everything together. We encourage honesty and push to have faith/trust in each other, kids and adults alike. My husband and I sharing our days showed that we were approachable. I think our openness with each other makes us stronger. The school have now realised, that if you mess with one of our kids, you mess with all of them.  They look out for each other in the playground. Their bond is unbreakable.

We are family!

Do you have a tradition like this in your family? Share in the comments below!

Bella 🙂


3 thoughts on “Good part, bad part, funny part

  1. We do the same…not daily…could be kn the car sometimes or bath time.

    We have a Christmas ritual…..I plonk on Bing and every one groans…kids decorate the tree…CJ turns on the Christmas lights…Ash pops on the star…Dad is drinking a Christmas beverage swearing because he has to untangle the lights….AGAIN!!
    It happens the same every year……we all laugh but this is the stuff that holds us together… is sharing and it’s special and reassuring in its simplicity.

  2. It is great to hold on to traditions….we have a few more…such as the birthday person gets to pick what we have for dinner. At Christmas, we have a family night with a Christmas movie a couple of days prior….there are probably others, but I cant think of them right now….but you are right…they are the moments that hold us together!

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