About MOI!

Hi y’all

I’m a 27-year-old mum to four children. I have three boys, aged 7.5yrs, 5yrs and 3.5yrs, and then a girl who is 6yrs.

All my kids have special needs. My eldest two have Global Development Delay (eldest son may have autism, and my daughter may have Prader Willi Syndrome, all under investigation at the moment) My youngest son has cystic fibrosis.

Day-to-day life consists on treatments and therapy for everyone, so for the most part, it keeps me out of trouble.

I started this blog as a venting outlet for the stress build up I get, but after looking around, I noticed there weren’t many blogs about Australian families dealing with CF. In fact, I still havent come across any. So it became my aim to promote awareness of cystic fibrosis, because at the time of my son’s diagnosis, I was one of those people who had heard the term, but had no idea what it was.

If you read my stories, you will quickly realise I’m fairly vocal. I have opinions, and I will share them. I usually try to tone them down a little so that I don’t step on too many toes, but I encourage feedback and friendly debate, so please leave comments, but please note, if things get nasty over any topic, it will be deleted!

You will notice time to time that I will post product reviews. It is a hobby of mine, and I absolutely love testing products! If I come across something that can make the lives of the average family easier, I will shout it to the world. if you would like to hear about a product, let me know, as I am more than willing to chase down companies to ask for test samples!

So, I hope you enjoy my blog, and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave!

Bella 🙂

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One thought on “About MOI!

  1. Hi! Wow I love this blog its so cool! Such a nice read and cool pics! I’m still really new at this but would love it if you’ll go check out my blog as well and maybe give it a thumbs up or follow 🙂

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