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Happy New Year!

To everybody out there reading this…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Love, laugh and live in 2012!

Right now, I am sitting back with a glass of wine, waiting for the BBQ to start up and enjoying a laugh with friends.

Tomorrow, the hangover pain can begin, and the motivation for my New Year’s resolutions will start to wane…

I hope you all enjoy your evening, and I wish you all the best of everything for the new year!

Bella (and family) šŸ™‚


Happy Birthday to the Queen of England…from my son

Last Friday, Western Australia celebrated the Queen of England’s birthday, despite the fact that her actual birthday is sometime in February…I think. To honor Her Majesty, the state is given a public holiday (the rest of Australia celebrate it earlier in the year)

This year, Her Majesty happened to be in Perth for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) at the time the state was in celebration.

CHOGM 2011

My eldest son, who is six years-old and has GlobalĀ Development Delay, was obviously told by his school teacher last Thursday that it was the Queen’s birthday the next day, and that was why they didn’t have to attend school. My son was incredibly excited.

He came running out of class at the end of the day, saying “MUM! Mum! Guess what!! It’s the Queen’s birthday tomorrow!”

Me: “Yes it is, buddy. Guess what! She is in Perth at the moment, too!” ( for those who don’t realise, we live 450km away from Perth!)

His eyes light up and he went racing back inside to tell his teacher his latest findings. When he came back out of the class room, he announced “It’s the Queen’s birthday tomorrow, and we are going to her party!”

I had a little giggle, and broke the news: “Sorry, buddy. She isn’t having a birthday party, so we aren’t going!”

"But I wanna go!"

Well….the water works nearly started right then and there!!


I had to go on to explain that she lives in England, in a big castle in London, and that is where she has her birthday parties. England is another country and there is a lot of water between Australia and England.

“But how do we get to England?”

I told him he could either fly over the water or go on a boat.

“But, I only have hands…I cant fly! *groan* I’ll have to go by boat then

I had to break more bad news…he still wasn’t allowed to go to England! But I gave him an option which made him much happier. I said he could write a birthday letter to the Queen, and I would send it for him.

He still talks about England constantly, I told him that he can go when he is eighteen years old and can get a passport to go (he really wants to see English snow!), and heĀ tells me every day “The Queen’s birthday is finished now!”

His card for her is nearly ready, but can anyone tell me where I can send it for him?

Bella šŸ™‚

When I’m gone

What kind of funeral would you like to have? What would your final wishes be?

This is a conversation (albeit, a morbid one!) that I have had with friends and family a few times. I know exactly what I want, and since I am going to be stating it in a public placeĀ such as Ā this,my family have no reason not to understand my wishes should I die an early death.

I don’t want an outrageously expensive funeral. I have never been one for extravagance. I want the songs “Some Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boys II Men, and “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from one of my favourite movies, Carousel.

Since Im not an overly religious person, I don’t want the service to be held in a church. The service hall at the local cemetery will suffice.

Big fat "NO" to my funeral procession please!

I don’t want a funeral procession (ok, my immediate family can follow the coffin) because I absolutely hate how much it slows down traffic to our area of town (we live near the local cemetery and there is only one entrance in to our suburb…right across the road from the cemetery entrance)

Ok, it may seem disrespectful ofĀ me saying that, but is it such bad thingĀ that I don’t want a heap of cars creating a traffic jam on my behalf? I have seen some drivers do some Ā pretty outrageous things to avoid processions, I don’t want to put my friends and family at risk of those idiots.



Reason #3- make sure I'm dead!!

I want the cheapest coffin you can buy. I don’t care if it’s a cardboard box! I want to be burnt to a crisp anyway, so what is the point of buying an expensive coffin that I am never going to see? I want to be cremated. DO NOT bury me! This is for many reasons:

1) I don’t want bugs eating at me as I decompose

2) I don’t want to be exhumed after 100+ years to make room for new bodies. I doubt that this practise is used here, but you never know. When I’m gone, I want to stay in peace!

3) Cremate me to make sure I’m dead!

4) My family then wont have the worry about a headstone. How big? What to write? I don’t care, I don’t want one!

5) Lastly, and most importantly, I would like my ashes to be scattered. I would rather my family to visit a place that is special to me rather than a depressing cemetery.


I would prefer everyone not to wear black, but that can be up to them. I want bright, happy colours!


Afterwards, for a wake, I want there to be one heck of a party! I wants lots of laughing. I want my friends and family to share good stories. I want my cousins to talk about howĀ I own the rank of “Cubby Queen”. I want my friends to laugh over how I had insatiable passion for climbing trees after a few too many drinks. I want my husband to think about our happiest days, such as our wedding day or the birth of our children (and he can forget the bits where I tried to bite him duringĀ  my labours….sorry about that!!) I want my kids to remember about cooking with me, dress ups, the tickles…


I want everyone to get roaring drunk! (Well…everyone of drinking age…of course!) I want them to play the drinking games I used to (and still do when in the right environment) such as “Three Man” or “Drunken Scene It”, or if they are feeling adventurous “Have, Have Not” (ouch…that game is lethal!)

Afterwards, I want my immediate family to do a pilgrimage together to scatter my ashes, just like Orlando Bloom’s character did in the move Elizabethtown. I want to be scattered everywhere. A part of me thrown from the lookout tower where my husband proposed, the park where we married, just outside the hospital where my kids were born, some in the sea at Middleton Beach (a local beach….because I always had so much fun there) and then, if possible, I want to be thrown off a mountain top somewhere in Scotland. As long as I can remember, I have had an obsession with that country. I don’t know why, as I have never been there, andĀ don’t really have any family there, but it has always felt like….home, like I belong there. Then anywhere else my family thinks acceptable.

All in all, like most people, I want my death to be of celebration, not despair! I want my death to have the party of the century! Of course, I want to die an old lady…so I’m hoping that by then,Ā I will have given people much more things to laugh over at my wake!

If my family members reading this don’t comply to my wishes…. I WILL COME BACK AND HAUNT YOU!!!

Watch out!!

What are your final wishes?

Bella šŸ™‚