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65 Roses Day, 2012

25th May, 2012

It’s approaching that time of year again.

65 Roses Day will be on the 25th May, 2012. This year, we are aiming for bigger and better!’

Last year’s efforts raised around $1,100. This year I am aiming for around $2,000-$2,500.

We are going to hold a barbecue at Woolworths (ok, once I actually book it, that is!) which hopefully go better than our previous effort of a sausage sizzle. Thank goodness we had the raffle running as well, as that is where 95% of our donations came in! Woolworths have said that they will set everything up for us at no cost (including gloves and hairnets) then sell all the produce to us at cost price.

We are going to hold the raffle again, with many donations already lined up. I am hoping to have given businesses a lot more notice this year, hopefully more local businesses will be able to donate. So we should be able to make that bigger and better as well.

I will keep you updated with our organising process. But for now, you can already help out. I have started a webpage where you can donate online. Every penny will help a CF family living with the disease. Follow this link to donate:



Please dig deep!

Bella xx 🙂


Loving Hearts for Micah

Recently, a very good friend of mine shared some devastating news. Her three-year old nephew, Micah, was diagnosed with a rare and incredibly aggressive type of cancer.

To quote my friend about his updates“At this stage we don’t think it is in his bones or his head however the cancer has wrapped itself around the major blood vessels that supply blood to the lower half of his body. The cancer has also grown in and around his organs to such a degree that it is very difficult to get to. The only chance of operating is if the tumor shrinks to a manageable size. Given that this happens, the surgeons would have to be able to extract every cell of cancer from every single part of the body that it has spread to”

This is a very grim and emotion situation, so when I was told about a fundraising bid to raise money towards a top of the line Dyson vacuum valued at cost price of $700 ( in order to keep their house immaculate for his fragile immune system during high level chemotherapy/) and I felt compelled to spread the word as much as I can!

Micah’s family are holding an auction Wednesday 5th October, 2011, till Wednesday 12th October, 2011. You can find all the goodies donated to the auction on the Facebook page that has been set up.

If you are a wholesaler/retailer who can find it in their hearts to donate towards this worthy cause, please contact them at auctionformicah@gmail.com I can’t urge you enough to donate!

Alternatively, you can donate cash via www.paypal.com to auctionformicah@gmail.com.

Please support this little man. He needs as many positive and healing vibes as possible!

Good luck to the family!!

Much love,

Bella 🙂

City to Surf fun run

Sorry you all haven’t heard much from me the last couple of weeks. Work has been very busy lately, my husband injured his foot and the kids have been sick.

65 Roses Day is over for this year, and it went relatively well…but I will explain how our day went later.

This post is to advertise another Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser.

 During our own fundraising appeal, I met a few people from the local CF community. One lady has a 23 year-old son who has CF. Amazingly, he has never been hospitalised! Well done to all their hard efforts to keep him so healthy! It’s really encouraging to hear that.

Anyway… this lady’s daughter, Sasha, is doing the Chevron City to Surf run to raise money and awareness in honour of her brother. Donate online here to help her cause.  She has recently increased her goal from $1000 to $2000….surely everyone can help out a little?

Good luck Sasha!! Have fun and we are all cheering you on!!

Bella 🙂