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CF fundraisers

There are a few of people doing things to raise money for cystic fibrosis at the moment, so I thought I would share their efforts in the hopes that they will get closer to their goal.

team_cropGavin Pearce is a 49-year-old father of three who lives with cystic fibrosis and has twice been the recipient of a double lung transplant. On Saturday 23rd February Gavin and three teammates – Rob Pearce, Leanne Bodley & Phoebe Robinson – will form the Lung Distance Swimmers and take on the epic challenge that is the Rottnest Channel Swim. They aim to raise $25,000 for Cystic Fibrosis WA as they battle the wind and the waves.
You can donate go to the Lung Distance Swimmers page to keep updated and donate. You can also listen to an interview via podcast here

Spinner_logo_finalSix every day office blokes have decided to trade in their comfortable spinning office chairs for spinning bike wheels as they set off on the 2013 Gibb Challenge from the 19th – 23rd of May. This expedition will take them 700km in a team relay across some of Australia’s toughest outback terrain as they work hard to raise their target of $50,000 for Cystic Fibrosis WA. Give them a helping hand to reach their goal by visiting their online fundraising page




Baker's DelightThis next one isn’t exactly fundraising for cystic fibrosis (but does have CF kid as a spokesman!) W.A. Baker’s Delight are holding a Bundraiser for PMH (Princess Margaret Hospital for Children) on the 16th March, 2013.
Other states are fundraising for these major hospitals across the country:
Royal Children’s Hospital (VIC)
Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation (QLD)
Sydney Children’s Hospital (NSW)
John Hunter Children’s Hospital (Newcastle, NSW)
Canberra Hospital (ACT)
Women & Children’s Hospital Foundation (SA)
Royal Hobart Hospital (TAS)
$1 from every 6 pack or hot cross buns sold at Baker’s Delight stores state-wide will be donated to the PMH Foundation

If I come across any other fundraisers, I will let you know. Feel free to share any links to fundraising pages in the comments below.

Bella 🙂


65 Roses Day 2012- the run down!

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything of interest, and I thought y’all might be interested in hearing how the fundraiser went.

As you can see by the picture I decided to insert, I reached my goal of somewhere between $2000-2500!!

It was a really long road, and not without getting down in  the dumps for a little while. Our day looked like it should have been going really well! But we were left a little jaded for a while.

We managed to score around $1300 worth of products to use for prizes in our raffle. They looked fantastic and first prize was worth somewhere around $450! We had a bit of a hiccup a few days before the sausage sizzle. Tickets were already on sale in the days leading up, when I got a phone call from the Cystic Fibrosis Association of WA. They had noticed all my advertising online and rang to say that I was holding an illegal fundraiser as the total prize pool was over $1000, and I didn’t have a permit! (I thought you had to have a permit if first prize was over $1000) So after a bit of talking with them, we figured out the best way was to pull out a few prizes to bring the total down and hold a different raffle. We ended up holding a “Guess the lucky number” raffle as well. Luckily we hadnt sold any tickets yet!

So with our little “hiccup” sorted, the raffle was back underway.

Saturday (the day after 65 Roses Day) rolled around and we set up just inside the entrance of the Woolworths store by 10:30am. The smell of sausages wafted around the whole shopping complex. In five hours, we managed to sell just over 100 sausages, which is so much better than last year where we sold on about 30-40! We didn’t sell much CF merchandise, only a couple of wrist bands.

Last year, our raffle was our saviour. We made nearly $1200 last year, most of that was from ticket sales.

My mum (who helped out cooking sausages) and I went back home, made coffee, and started counting money. We were very disappointed to find that we had only raised just under $700. I mean, seven hundred bucks is awesome, but it was disappointing to see that we didn’t sell anywhere near as many tickets as last year, considering we had twice the amount of prizes donated. I felt really disappointed in myself that I didn’t even come close to what we had raised last year! The CF Association, when I called them about the fundraiser later on, told me that I was being way too hard on myself.

But it didn’t end there.

My neighbour won second prize, which was a massive body pamper pack worth around $250. After I gave them their prize, they sifted through it all and donated most of it back, stating that what was left was only going to sit around in their cupboards, unused, so I should re-raffle it. Luckily, the day after our raffle, $200 worth of Bunnings vouchers were donated, with the donator not realising the main fundraiser was over. So this, combined with the body pack…plus a few more rustled up donations, created another great prize pack.

The bosses of one of my major cleaning clients came to our fundraiser with some awesome news. Their site was donating a whopping $1500!!! PLUS, a sizable donation from their head office (I still don’t know how much that donation is)
So to say thank you, I used this new prize pack as a raffle exclusive on their work site (about 200+ people work there) so a few more dollars were raised.

The online donations are still slowly rolling in ( http://www.everydayhero.com.au/belinda_giovanazzi ) and is still available to do so until the end of the month. You can print off a tax deductible receipt after (magic words at this time of year!) The tally there currently stands at $410.

So all combined (the main fundraiser, the large donation from my client, online donations and the extra raffle at the end) the tally stands at around $2600! 

So my feelings of misery are now gone.

Now I am just trying to figure out how to approach things next year and do even better again. Right now though, I’m glad the whole thing is over! Three months of organisation (especially in the last week) still have me drained….hence why I have been a bit quiet lately.

Dont forget to donate online! 😉


Sausages for 65 Roses

I know this post is a little late, as 65 Roses Day was on the 27th May, but the last few weeks have busy really busy as hubby has still been off work and kids have been sick on-and-off.

As you know, my parent’s store was holding a sausage sizzle to raise money for CFWA. We had some sausages donated from a local butcher, and some bread donated from a local bakery. My co-worker donated some sauce, my grandparents donated some onions (and did that dastardly task of cutting them!) and my parents donated some soft drinks.

All in all…the sausage sizzle was a dismal failure! We only sold about seventy of the two hundred sausages! We realised that it wasnt the greatest of locations, nor was it the most ideal day. But it was our first attempt at fundraising and have learnt how to do things differently next year.

Our biggest saviour was the raffle we also held. For two weeks I bugged local businesses for product donations to use as prizes. The response to this was amazing and we had almost $500 worth of prizes! First prize alone would have been worth $250-$300.

We also held a colouring competition for kids. There weren’t many entrants, a huge bulk of those were from my children’s daycare, who were also very supportive of the day. My daughter won second prize, a $10 voucher to a local store which sell all sorts of goodies. I know she will head straight to the toy aisle though! It was picked anonymously, so, no…it wasn’t rigged!

We also had a couple bouquets of roses donated from a local florist, which sold like hotcakes! They were beautiful though and I wanted to keep them instead of putting them in the sale!

My parent’s also had 5% of sales on the day go towards the funds.

So all up, between the sausage sizzle, flowers, raffle, cash and online donations, plus store sales, we made around $1100!!! How amazing!!

Let’s break our record next year!

I met quite a few of the local CF community, which is great. I have heard a lot of inspirational stories!

Dont forget to support Sacha in her City to Surf fundraising run. I met her mum through our fundraising appeal. Their adult son/brother has CF and has amazingly never been hospitalised!!!

Thanks to everyone who got involved on the day, and thank you to the family and friends who came out  to support and help our appeal!

Bella 🙂