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Fish tremble at the sound of my name!

Well I hope everyone had a great Easter, whether it was relaxing or loads of fun, so long as it was drama free!

I have to say, was I really, really looking forward to Easter this year. We had been invited to a “farm-naming” party (Seriously? What an excuse just to have a party!!! But hey, a party is a party!) We don’t go out very often these days. So after a bit of sucking up, my parents agreed to take our daughter away with them for the Easter weekend, and our three-year-old son said he would rather stay the night at my grandparents house than come along to the party (we were originally going to get them to look after the young one)

But being the disorganised people we are, the party fell by the wayside. But we still wanted to go out while we had the opportunity. So we made plans to go fishing instead. Its been about 2 years since I last went fishing, and it was an absolute disaster! Kids ran riot, nappy bags were forgotten at home, and though I¬†can’t remember why, but the BBQ wasnt working, which meant a quick drive to our house (which, thankfully, wasnt too far away…but far enough to be a pain) to cook up the sausages to feed the kids. But the worst thing that day, the fish werent biting! The only fish caught was severely undersized.

So having two out of four kids (leaving us with our eldest and youngest sons) and my father-in-law, off we trooped to a nearby river bank with our rods. We weren’t in the ideal fishing spot, but it was the best we could do with the kids mobility (a.k.a. pram) and the fact that the tide was in, so space was limited.

But boy were the fish biting!! We must have caught around thirty fish between us (I kid you not!), but none of them were big enough. I even caught my first fish…well..at least I think it was my first fish. I have been fishing plenty of times, but do no remember ever catching a fish, so of course, it was quickly documented with photographic evidence! But the size of it…wouldn’t have even kept our cat satiated! I was lucky enough to even catch a blowfish! YAY ME!

Everyone else at the river quickly brought out their rods once they saw how well we were doing, making the banks a little congested!

Our eldest son had an absolute ball! Every now and then, we would get him to reel one in. The young one was happy to get his feet wet in the river. Towards the end, he was just happy enough to be fed biscuits and chips while he watched us have all the fun from the comfort of his pram. But both boys came home wet, tired and happy…well, actually, both were grumpy…one was whinging because he hadn’t had a sleep and was very over-tired, and the other was sulking because he didn’t want to stop fishing, despite the fact that it was pitch black, mosquitoes were buzzing like crazy, his little brother was very tired, and my finger was throbbing after being bitten by a frickin’ bull ant!

We didn’t realise until the next day how badly the young one was being bitten by the mosquitoes. Thank goodness they don’t seem to be bothering him, but he has about fifteen huge bites all over his head, face and arms. They are really noticeable since he is practically bald! But the worst of the redness has gone now, and never appeared to be itchy.

The rest of the weekend passed by very quietly, with crafts to make bunny ears for the kids, little hangers made from shells and buttons and, of course, the traditional easter egg hunt! It was a very relaxing, family orientated weekend, which was very much-needed!

They are few and far between these days.

How did your Easter go?

Bella ūüôā


Blooms so sweet

Here we have another local business, and I have actually received a sample from here! I won a competition on her Facebook page¬†and was given a lovely chocolate bouquet…which, in this house, ¬†lasted about 20 minutes!

This lovely lady and I met through an online parenting forum a few years back. We were both living in the same town, and had child around the same age (though we have both gone on to have more!)

Not long ago, she started turning her hobby, making beautiful chocolate bouquets, into a business.

Since then, her hobby has grown from strength to strength.

She makes unique gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and they are a great idea for the upcoming Easter! Chocolate bouquets are a great gift idea for those who have everything¬†and a box of chocolate just isn’t enough.

She can personalise the bouquets too! If you want one for a teacher, or sporting coach…maybe your recipient likes butterflies? She can try to accommodate!

Contact¬†bloomssosweet@y7mail.com today, or head over to her Facebook page, have a look around, and don’t forget to press “like” before you leave!