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Product review- Bambeado




20161021_1600081Most parents have heard of the benefits of amber teething necklaces for infants these days. It seems that every fourth or fifth child I come across is wearing one. My four children never wore one during their teething years, so when I was approached to review Bambeado products, I was a little hesitant as my brood are well passed that stage in life. So  I thought I would test to see what the effects are on an older child.


Silicone teething toys

Bambeado was founded in 2010, by a mother at her wit’s end during her child’s teething years. They stock amber jewellery for infants, children and mothers, and in addition, silicone jewellery and silicone teething toys.

Eva, who is ten years  old, agreed to be the guinea pig in the experiment. She chose a beautiful amber necklace from the Bambeado website. It arrived fairly quickly (about a week or so) in cute little woven pouch and simple product care instructions.

We waited a week or so while Eva finished swimming lessons, as it is not advised to wear the products while swimming (or shower/bath) and also didn’t want it to get lost. Then, after finding it in the pocket of her school bag a few times, it took a week of convincing her that it wasn’t like normal jewellery that she can just take on and off when she wanted, as we needed her to keep it on to see any changes for our experiment. After a couple more weeks, she forgot she was even wearing it.


Eva’s Bambeado amber necklace

Once she was wearing it consistently, we sat back for a few weeks to watch.

Now, Eva will probably kill me for saying this, but she is at a stage in her life where hormones are coming out to play a little more than usual. Her emotions have been a little all over the place –  temper tantrums, mood swings, lack of concentration, and though it sounds mean to say it,  kind of a cow at times!

While there hasn’t been a drastic, ‘OMG! WOW!’ kind of change since wearing the necklace, there has been a slight noticeable difference. Even Eva herself has noticed that she is calmer these days, she also feels that she can concentrate a bit better at school. She also claims that it has helped her make friends, as she feels friendlier.

With these changes, I feel confident to say that there is a benefit from older children, even adults, wearing amber jewellery. If the necklace was a little longer, I would branch out into experimenting on myself, to see the effects on an adult, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit me.

After browsing the website at the other Bambeado products, I was impressed with the silicone jewellery. I wish I had one of the adult necklaces when my children were teething  so they had something to chew on, rather than my fingers, clothes, watch, hair…eew! I was covered in slobber back then!


Adult silicone jewellery

I have looked around at other websites who sell amber products, and have found that Bambeado are pretty competitive in their prices. They are adamant in using only 100% Baltic amber, and provide helpful hints on their website for what to look for when testing for genuine amber.

Bambeado products are stocked all throughout Australia and New Zealand (plus a few places  in Malaysia, China, Singapore and most recently, the U.S), but their website offers international shipping.

All in all, this product test was a fun experiment, that both my daughter and I enjoyed taking part in, especially when the outcome is positive. Baltic amber is more than just a pretty stone (actually, it’s a resin) in some bling. It is becoming a widely popular therapeutic aid. Bambeado will certainly help serve those curious in the benefits of amber.




Missybella- product review

Here is a quick shout out for an online business that, if you are a parent or buying for kiddies, you definitely need to have a look at!

Some of the great merchandise at Missybella

Some of the great merchandise at Missybella

Missybella has been around for a while on eBay, but has recently started up selling on Facebook as well.

While mostly stocking brand new clothing for kids,  children’s accessories are also available, such as bags, jewellery, books and more.

Pretty much everything is characterised, from Dora the Explorer, to Batman…even older children can get something with One Direction merchandise available

Skylanders, Smurfs, Minnie and Mickey Mouse…if your child likes it, then it’s probably there! The prices are really reasonable!

I'm sure you can find something for all your child's desires!

I’m sure you can find something for all your child’s desires!

Head on over to Missybella’s Facebook page….hit “like” and browse around. Prices are mentioned in the photo, and a quick message to Melissa (the owner) to confirm your order and to find out postage fees. You can pay by Paypal and contact the seller for orders outside of Australia.

When you make you first purchase at Missybella, tell her I sent you!

Bella 🙂


One Direction is banned in my house...but there is a huge following out there....lots of 1D stuff!!

One Direction is banned in my house…but there is a huge following out there….lots of 1D stuff!!

Furless Makeup Brushes & Accessories reveiw

A while ago, when I first started bogging my product reviews, I mentioned that I was going to test Furless supplies.

I was excited about doing this one. What girl doesn’t like testing makeup?? I have always wanted to try mineral makeup too.

 When the products came, I opened the package to find a brush kit, a sharpener, two eyeshadow and a blush.

I love makeup. I really don’t get to wear it very often anymore. Before kids, I used to wear it every day. I didn’t exactly plaster it on, but the bare minimum was eyeshadow, lipstick and eyeliner. There were days when I felt more elaborate and went for concealer and foundation. But again, I didn’t plaster it. I hate that look!

Now, concealer is one of my best friends! The biggest enemy is the dark circles under the eyes. The brush kit has helped me perfect the smokey eyes look. I think it also helps to hide the bags a bit more!

As I opened up the brush kit. I stood and looked at the various size and shaped brushes, and thought “What on earth have I gotten myself in for?? Have I really lost the touch of using makeup to even know what half of these are for?” But that was my whole idea pitch to the business. How would the average, busy,  Australian mum use the products? What are the costs? How long does it last?

So I sucked it up, opened the packaging, and started the application process.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I felt the brush heads. They were so soft!! All I wanted to was brush it up and down my face all day. I think they are even softer than my own hair! I have tried brushes in the past, only to be discarded after a short period. I love the fact that the brushes don’t use as much product as the applicator that come with eyeshadow. They have sponges on the ends, and what does a sponge do best? They soak things up! So not only are the brushes gentle on the skin, it is saving you money on your products!

Now, the two sample eye shadows. One was blue, one was yellow. Definitely not my colours! I usually wear neutral colours like browns, beige, maybe a slight shade of pink. Those colours really compliment my skin colouring and hair colour. But I guess I can wear them if the West Coast Eagles get in to the AFL Grand Final this year (although, in this household, we are Hawthorn Hawks supporters!) But of course, I gave them a go. In all honesty, I don’t find them any different to other eye shadows. It’s probably easier to apply as it is in loose form instead of compacted. I hate it when eyeshadow is compacted so much that you basically have to scratch it out to get any powder (but I guess that is a sign of an inferior product!) You just give the container a little shake so a bit of powder comes up into the platform, which is a great idea…this way you aren’t using too much powder by dunking the whole brush head into the mix.

The blush is very much the same as the eyeshadow. Give the container a little shake, grab your brush and apply. The colour I was given (pictured) isn’t too bad, and I can use it a lot more regularly!

So overall, I am very happy with my experience with Furless Brushes and Accessories. I think they are reasonably priced, and great quality products. You can order from their website (now open to the U.S and Canada) or have  look at their Facebook page, which hold regular competitions and updates their product photos constantly, so don’t forget to “like” them before you head away!

Your money will be well spent here!

Now….I just need to claim the eyeliner pencil sharpener back from my kids craft supplies!

Bella 🙂

**AFTER THOUGHT** I forgot to mention that the brushes are animal cruelty- free, and the mineral makeup is vegan. It’s great knowing that there are cosmetic companies out there that take animal cruelty very seriously. I even have a bit of pride in myself knowing that I am using cruelty-free products!

Honey Bear Bows

Time for another product review…

Last year, a friend announced on our parenting forum that she was launching her own business. She was making headbands and clips for her daughter as a hobby, but after getting a lot of interest, she took it online.

I have been lucky enough to win some of her bows during competitions on her Facebook page. They are so gorgeous, I am guilty of wearing some of them more often than my daughter! There is one in particular that we fight over (pictured)

Her prices are very reasonable and you can view her full range on her website where she has an assortment of colours and designs

They would make a great gift for all those little princesses out there (aren’t the octopus clips, above, absolutely adorable?) But as previously stated, there are designs for those “princesses” who are little girls at heart!

Before I finish, here is one more picture to show that designs aren’t limited to just hair bobbles, but she also makes very crafty clip holders.

There are just too many gorgeous and adorable photos for me to be able to share in this post, and I cant gush enough, so check out her website and/or Facebook page today!!

Bella 🙂

All you need is cake!

Time for my first proper product review.

A friend of mine bakes cakes. Well, actually, I should say she creates masterpieces!

I try to do a themed birthday cake for each of my children’s birthdays. I have been pretty proud of them too, until I saw the photos of her cakes. Mine don’t even come close!

Sarah and I have been friends for many years…and if I do my maths correctly, we are talking about seventeen years (wow!!)

We lost contact for a few years after highschool, only to reconnect again through Facebook. For the last few months I have been following her creations on her fanpage

She has made divine wedding cakes (like the one shown here), children’s birthday cakes that will be the envy of every party, and novelty cakes. If you have a request, she would be able to do it!

So head to her Facebook page, have a look at her work, and dont forget to press “like” before leaving! Or contact her at:  all_you_need_is_cake@hotmail.com

All photos shown here are just a small portion of her cakes. I am seriously considering getting her to make the upcoming birthday cakes for the kids!!

Bella 🙂

And the first contestant is…

I love product testing, and have done it for a couple of years now. It is a highly addictive hobby!

I have approached a couple of companies now, giving them the opportunity  to have their products tested by me, and then have my experience, good or bad, be advertised here on my blog.

I have just had my first reply, and someone is willing to be put to the test!

The contestant is…(drum roll please)… Furless Makeup Brushes and Accessories!

Furless is an Australian company that promotes and sells vegan and Halal-friendly makeup accessories and mineral makeup.

I have to admit, I havent tried mineral makeup yet, but have always wanted to, so I am super-excited about this venture!

So while I am waiting on the products to test, head on over to their Facebook page, and “like” them to be in the running for monthly giveaways.

A reader (and good friend) has suggested testing modern cloth nappies. I have approached a couple of companies on this topic, so I will let you know how that goes. But in the meantime, I would still love to hear what other sort of products you would like to hear about!

Bella 🙂


Some of you are well aware that I love doing product testing. I have given reviews on nappies, cooking sauces, nasal spray, upcoming tv shows, and various other products. Its a lot of fun and highly addictive.

I am contemplating on sharing some of my reviews on my blog, and want to hear from you, the readers, what products or brands would you like to hear about?

I am willing to approach these companies and see if they are willing to be put to the test.

So let us know what you want to hear about.

If you work for a company and have products available, let me know if you are up for the challenge!