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Product review- Bambeado




20161021_1600081Most parents have heard of the benefits of amber teething necklaces for infants these days. It seems that every fourth or fifth child I come across is wearing one. My four children never wore one during their teething years, so when I was approached to review Bambeado products, I was a little hesitant as my brood are well passed that stage in life. So  I thought I would test to see what the effects are on an older child.


Silicone teething toys

Bambeado was founded in 2010, by a mother at her wit’s end during her child’s teething years. They stock amber jewellery for infants, children and mothers, and in addition, silicone jewellery and silicone teething toys.

Eva, who is ten years  old, agreed to be the guinea pig in the experiment. She chose a beautiful amber necklace from the Bambeado website. It arrived fairly quickly (about a week or so) in cute little woven pouch and simple product care instructions.

We waited a week or so while Eva finished swimming lessons, as it is not advised to wear the products while swimming (or shower/bath) and also didn’t want it to get lost. Then, after finding it in the pocket of her school bag a few times, it took a week of convincing her that it wasn’t like normal jewellery that she can just take on and off when she wanted, as we needed her to keep it on to see any changes for our experiment. After a couple more weeks, she forgot she was even wearing it.


Eva’s Bambeado amber necklace

Once she was wearing it consistently, we sat back for a few weeks to watch.

Now, Eva will probably kill me for saying this, but she is at a stage in her life where hormones are coming out to play a little more than usual. Her emotions have been a little all over the place –  temper tantrums, mood swings, lack of concentration, and though it sounds mean to say it,  kind of a cow at times!

While there hasn’t been a drastic, ‘OMG! WOW!’ kind of change since wearing the necklace, there has been a slight noticeable difference. Even Eva herself has noticed that she is calmer these days, she also feels that she can concentrate a bit better at school. She also claims that it has helped her make friends, as she feels friendlier.

With these changes, I feel confident to say that there is a benefit from older children, even adults, wearing amber jewellery. If the necklace was a little longer, I would branch out into experimenting on myself, to see the effects on an adult, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit me.

After browsing the website at the other Bambeado products, I was impressed with the silicone jewellery. I wish I had one of the adult necklaces when my children were teething  so they had something to chew on, rather than my fingers, clothes, watch, hair…eew! I was covered in slobber back then!


Adult silicone jewellery

I have looked around at other websites who sell amber products, and have found that Bambeado are pretty competitive in their prices. They are adamant in using only 100% Baltic amber, and provide helpful hints on their website for what to look for when testing for genuine amber.

Bambeado products are stocked all throughout Australia and New Zealand (plus a few places  in Malaysia, China, Singapore and most recently, the U.S), but their website offers international shipping.

All in all, this product test was a fun experiment, that both my daughter and I enjoyed taking part in, especially when the outcome is positive. Baltic amber is more than just a pretty stone (actually, it’s a resin) in some bling. It is becoming a widely popular therapeutic aid. Bambeado will certainly help serve those curious in the benefits of amber.




Asthma Peeps (product review)

I have recently been given the opportunity to test a product that is aimed at children who have asthma. The reason I put my hand up for this project was because a lot of people who have cystic fibrosis also do inhaler treatments.

Asthma Peeps is an Australian business who creates nifty little stickers suitable for spacers to make treatment more fun for children. Imagine, a child who is excited and happy to have their inhalers because their spacers are customised to their budding personalities. No fighting. No excuses. Job done.

Pirate theme stickers

Pirate theme stickers

In our little sample pack, we were sent some pirate stickers, which was absolutely perfect as my CF son, Cameron, is obsessed with pirates at the moment. Every second day, he is dressed up as one, and I can never keep up with if he wants to be called by his given name, or “Mr. Smee” (which for those who dont know, is Captain Hook’s minion.)

Cameron...or Mr. Smee?

Cameron…or Mr. Smee?

Personalized spacer for inhaler treatments

Personalized spacer for inhaler treatments

Cameron was excited to help choose and place his stickers. Under each picture is a little space for you to be able to label their names.(A nice touch in my opinion.) We hit one snag with our testing phase though. Cameron doesn’t undertake any inhaler treatments for his CF! I still gave him the spacer to breathe through, which I didn’t mind as it encourages him to do deep breathing, which is also vital for CF physiotherapy.

So while I was standing there with another two sheets of stickers, I starting looking around for what else I could personalize. Then a brain wave came. Why stop at spacers? Cameron also uses other asthma tools for his physiotherapy. He has that little thing with the three coloured balls, that lift when you breathe in, and the idea is to get as many balls to the top as possible. (I’m sure there is an actual name for the device, but I have no idea what it is! We just call it the “Coloured ball thingy”)

Personalized PEP mask

Personalized PEP mask

Cameron also has a PEP mask. It has resistance when he breathes out. The better he gets at it, the more we increased the resistance. Stickers now decorate that too.

He giggles as he uses the mask, and the stickers we put on the “coloured ball thingy” are a good way for him to indicate how many faces he can achieve.

The stickers are fairly durable when you wash them – hand washing that is,not sure how they would hold up in a dishwasher (can these devices even go in a dishwasher???) This is great because there is no point on wasting your money on something that falls off in the slightest bit of water.
They don’t stick too well on silicone, as we did try them on another mask, but they fell off pretty quick!

"Coloured ball thingy" Does anyone know what it is actually called?

“Coloured ball thingy” Does anyone know what it is actually called?

Each pack of stickers retails for $9.75. There are other asthma related product available on the Asthma Peeps online store

Visit http://www.asthmapeeps.com/ today and check out all the different designs!

Bella 🙂