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I’m BA-ACK!!!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I am still around….apologies for not writing much but life has been hectic with work, a couple of birthdays, and Cameron recently had his CF annual review, with a check up for Eva…both of which are some of future topics that will hopefully come out soon!

A big welcome to all the new followers that have signed up from the advertisement in the recent Great Southern Disability Services newsletter. It was awesome to see the link to my blog there (and I hope you enjoyed my witty little post “Expectations of the Modern Mum”…there are many more like that!)
A few of you also signed up from the recent rafflecopter. Hope you won something and keep an eye out for the upcoming one launching soon!

So while I am still getting my act together, have a look around at some of the older blog posts. Or if you are bored, or want some new recipes, check out my other blog (which I have unfortunately also been neglecting lately) www.athomewithbella.wordpress.com

Chat soon everyone!!
Bella 🙂


Outlets (with a guest’s poem)

When dealing with grief or highly stressful situations, it is important to find a healthy outlet for your emotions.

People quite often ask me how I cope with everything. They think I am joking when I say “Copious amounts of coffee and wine gets me through the day!”
As they laugh at my joke, little do they know that there is an element of truth (in moderation of course…well…maybe not with coffee!)

Writing is my biggest tool for processing my thoughts and emotions, hence why you sometimes see some mindless dribble on my blog. I find my blog satisfying as I get to pour out everything my family is going through, and I can easily look back and see what we have gone through and how far we have come (or not) in the process. But the biggest thing about my blog is the understanding that my words may help, even just one person with their own crisis, then my blog has done its job (and I really do hope it is helping some of you, even if it just for awareness!)

I know a lot of people who have used writing to help them process, even with their grief, and this is where I would like to introduce my guest blogger, Kathleen Mullaly.
Kathleen is not only one of my clients (a brilliant one who keeps me well topped up on great coffee and conversation) but she is also a friend. Her story is one of heartbreak. When she was quite young (maybe around seven years old?), she was in a devastating car accident that took the lives of both her parents.

We all know that teen years can be difficult anyway, but the loss of both parents must have made it even harder for Kathleen, so she turned to poetry to release those emotions.

She recently gave me a file of her poetry from those years to have a read, and I stumbled across an ode to her father, with whom she was quite close. It touched me and she very generously gave me permission to publish it. (I have chosen not to publish the family photo that accompanied it, but it was very cute!)

I haven’t lost my father, but if you have, I hope Kathleen’s words touch you too!
Bella 🙂

father and daughter at sunset



“Once Proud”

You were once proud of me,

I was your little girl.

I looked up to you – Dad.

Your happy face, I’ll treasure.

Our time together was short – too short,

But every moment was special.

I was your little girl.

You were so proud of me.

Would you be now I’ve all grown up?
It breaks my heart thinking of you.

I’ll never forget you.
We had a special bond that I’ll carry.

You have taken half of me with you,

and left half of yourself here with me.

I love you so much and miss you

more than word could ever say

Love you always Dad.

By Kathleen Mullaly

Still Alive!


Did you miss me?

The last few weeks have been rather busy, I needed to give the brain a break from writing. I have so many topics swirling around this big boof-head of mine that are going to make appearances over the next few weeks. Many updates to come.

So keep an eye out!

Bella 🙂

Parenting blog

I recently received at letter from one of my followers asking if I would please spread the word of her own blog.

I don’t mind doing this, especially if I think it has something significant to say about the causes I believe in, or if it’s a great read. Suzanne’s blog is both!

This post is called 10 Bad Eating Habits Parents Often Teach Their Children. I have to admit that even though I am very strict on my children’s diet, I am guilty of some of these traits.

Which ones are you guilty of?

Have a look around at the site. There are some great articles on there!

Bella 🙂


Yes…I am still here. I haven’t melted away in the world-wide web abyss! You can’t get rid of me that easy!

Work is exceptionally busy (I may have mentioned before that my husband and I own a cleaning business?) and with Christmas coming up, it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

I have heaps of topics swirling around in my head. I just need the time…and energy…to type them all out.

Bella 🙂