Night-time rituals

As I type this out, the usual bedtime saga is unfolding. Once initially tucked in, it goes something like this:

Child (it doesn’t matter which one, they all take turns): “MUUUUUUUUU-UUUUUUM!!!! Mummy!!”

Me: “Yes?”

Child: “I need to go to the toilet.”

Me: “Then go…”

Don't worry....take your time guys!

Off they toddle to the loo, usually causing the other siblings to appear from the darkness like ghosts emerging from an eerie mist, lining up at the toilet door to go themselves. After about ten minutes, they are all tucked up again….until:


Me: “What!?!?”

Child: “I need a drink!”

"I want it NOW!"



Numerous cups filled, distributed, emptied and returned to the sink. Later…






Child: “MUMMY!!!!”

Me: “What now?”

Child: “I can’t find teddy/blankie..”

Me: “You had it a minute ago, look under your bed!”

Child: “But I can’t find it”

Blanket?...Check!...Teddy?..Check!...BACK TO BED!!!!!

Light turned on, only to find the missing item in a very obvious place. Light off again.

Child: “Mum!!”

Me (and I’m sure you can imagine my tone of voice by now..): “Yeee-ees?????

Child: “I need to go to the toilet again”

The whole toilet ritual starts up again…back to bed they trundle…


"But Mu-u-um!"



Child: “I can’t sleep!!”

Me: “I don’t care…its bed time!”

Child: “But it’s dark!”

Me: “It’s night time, it’s supposed to be dark!”





Twenty minutes later:

Child (sneaking up on  me from behind): *whispering* “Mummy…”

Me: “Uh huh?”

Child “I love you, Mummy”

Love you too, baby bears!

Kids. As much as they drive you insane, they can melt your heart in an instant.

Are your bed time rituals the same in your house?

Sweet dreams everyone!

Bella 🙂



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