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A Father’s Day message

It is the eve of Father’s Day in Australia.

Our kids have bought their small gifts from the stalls at school and made a few other small gifts within the classroom. We also have a larger gift for my husband that is from all of us as a group.

As I handed over the card this evening for everyone to sign, Cameron (10y.o.) came up to me and asked what he should write as his message. I said  “How about ‘I love you” or ‘Thanks for being a great Dad!’ or you can even write a joke!”

Cameron got a gleam in his eye and ran off to write his message.

I absolutely cracked up laughing when I saw what he wrote.


True to form, Cameron took the opportunity to make a joke. I’m just surprised he wrote “I am a poop”, not YOU are a poop!”

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Hope your day is as entertaining as ours is going to be!

Bella 🙂

Product review- Bambeado




20161021_1600081Most parents have heard of the benefits of amber teething necklaces for infants these days. It seems that every fourth or fifth child I come across is wearing one. My four children never wore one during their teething years, so when I was approached to review Bambeado products, I was a little hesitant as my brood are well passed that stage in life. So  I thought I would test to see what the effects are on an older child.


Silicone teething toys

Bambeado was founded in 2010, by a mother at her wit’s end during her child’s teething years. They stock amber jewellery for infants, children and mothers, and in addition, silicone jewellery and silicone teething toys.

Eva, who is ten years  old, agreed to be the guinea pig in the experiment. She chose a beautiful amber necklace from the Bambeado website. It arrived fairly quickly (about a week or so) in cute little woven pouch and simple product care instructions.

We waited a week or so while Eva finished swimming lessons, as it is not advised to wear the products while swimming (or shower/bath) and also didn’t want it to get lost. Then, after finding it in the pocket of her school bag a few times, it took a week of convincing her that it wasn’t like normal jewellery that she can just take on and off when she wanted, as we needed her to keep it on to see any changes for our experiment. After a couple more weeks, she forgot she was even wearing it.


Eva’s Bambeado amber necklace

Once she was wearing it consistently, we sat back for a few weeks to watch.

Now, Eva will probably kill me for saying this, but she is at a stage in her life where hormones are coming out to play a little more than usual. Her emotions have been a little all over the place –  temper tantrums, mood swings, lack of concentration, and though it sounds mean to say it,  kind of a cow at times!

While there hasn’t been a drastic, ‘OMG! WOW!’ kind of change since wearing the necklace, there has been a slight noticeable difference. Even Eva herself has noticed that she is calmer these days, she also feels that she can concentrate a bit better at school. She also claims that it has helped her make friends, as she feels friendlier.

With these changes, I feel confident to say that there is a benefit from older children, even adults, wearing amber jewellery. If the necklace was a little longer, I would branch out into experimenting on myself, to see the effects on an adult, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit me.

After browsing the website at the other Bambeado products, I was impressed with the silicone jewellery. I wish I had one of the adult necklaces when my children were teething  so they had something to chew on, rather than my fingers, clothes, watch, hair…eew! I was covered in slobber back then!


Adult silicone jewellery

I have looked around at other websites who sell amber products, and have found that Bambeado are pretty competitive in their prices. They are adamant in using only 100% Baltic amber, and provide helpful hints on their website for what to look for when testing for genuine amber.

Bambeado products are stocked all throughout Australia and New Zealand (plus a few places  in Malaysia, China, Singapore and most recently, the U.S), but their website offers international shipping.

All in all, this product test was a fun experiment, that both my daughter and I enjoyed taking part in, especially when the outcome is positive. Baltic amber is more than just a pretty stone (actually, it’s a resin) in some bling. It is becoming a widely popular therapeutic aid. Bambeado will certainly help serve those curious in the benefits of amber.



Missybella- product review

Here is a quick shout out for an online business that, if you are a parent or buying for kiddies, you definitely need to have a look at!

Some of the great merchandise at Missybella

Some of the great merchandise at Missybella

Missybella has been around for a while on eBay, but has recently started up selling on Facebook as well.

While mostly stocking brand new clothing for kids,  children’s accessories are also available, such as bags, jewellery, books and more.

Pretty much everything is characterised, from Dora the Explorer, to Batman…even older children can get something with One Direction merchandise available

Skylanders, Smurfs, Minnie and Mickey Mouse…if your child likes it, then it’s probably there! The prices are really reasonable!

I'm sure you can find something for all your child's desires!

I’m sure you can find something for all your child’s desires!

Head on over to Missybella’s Facebook page….hit “like” and browse around. Prices are mentioned in the photo, and a quick message to Melissa (the owner) to confirm your order and to find out postage fees. You can pay by Paypal and contact the seller for orders outside of Australia.

When you make you first purchase at Missybella, tell her I sent you!

Bella 🙂


One Direction is banned in my house...but there is a huge following out there....lots of 1D stuff!!

One Direction is banned in my house…but there is a huge following out there….lots of 1D stuff!!

I’m BA-ACK!!!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I am still around….apologies for not writing much but life has been hectic with work, a couple of birthdays, and Cameron recently had his CF annual review, with a check up for Eva…both of which are some of future topics that will hopefully come out soon!

A big welcome to all the new followers that have signed up from the advertisement in the recent Great Southern Disability Services newsletter. It was awesome to see the link to my blog there (and I hope you enjoyed my witty little post “Expectations of the Modern Mum”…there are many more like that!)
A few of you also signed up from the recent rafflecopter. Hope you won something and keep an eye out for the upcoming one launching soon!

So while I am still getting my act together, have a look around at some of the older blog posts. Or if you are bored, or want some new recipes, check out my other blog (which I have unfortunately also been neglecting lately) www.athomewithbella.wordpress.com

Chat soon everyone!!
Bella 🙂

Expectations of the modern mum

The 50's housewife

The 50’s housewife

While browsing one of my parenting forums recently, I came across a post from a mother who felt overwhelmed by the pressure of being a “do-it-all” working mum. It inspired a blog post and I thought I would share my words of wisdom.

As mothers, we are our own worst enemies. We expect way to much of ourselves, because we feel that is what “society” demands from us. The bar is set so high, that we often set up ourselves for disappointment and stress.

We are to be the “50’s housewives” who prepare homemade, wholesome meals for our families, keep the house sparkling clean, cater to our husband’s/partner’s every need, keep our kids in full control all while looking immaculate.

We are now expected to be able to drag ourselves away from the arms of our children and contribute to the workforce and household finances.
Men being the sole bread-winner are a thing of the past, however, “society” expects us to fulfill the “50’s housewife” role as well.

Then there is the modern-day reality…

The modern "do-it-all" mum

The modern “do-it-all” mum

We are willing to throw a store-bought, pre-cooked meal in the oven for 40min before slapping it on plates in front of our family. Our homes have dust bunnies- waving at us in plain sight. Our husbands/partners are occasionally left hanging. Kids draw on walls and climb the curtains while running around the house like cowboys and indians in full battle-mode.
We are also often seen in tracksuits, spew and coffee-stained t-shirts while our hair has distant memories of a brush.

And you know what?? That is acceptable too!

I am proud to be the modern mum I described. My family is happy and thriving. That is the only thing that society really expects of us.

Don’t judge yourself, or others, on the stereotype of a bygone era.


A mother's reality- take some time out for yourself!

A mother’s reality- take some time out for yourself!

Sit down, grab a magazine, chuck in some earphones to drown out the noise of screaming kids, and smell the coffee! Your family…and your sanity…will thank you for it!

Bella 🙂

A Grand Adventure

What would you do if you were given $1,000 and told to spend it all within 24 hrs? (It doesn’t matter what you spend it on, just so long as you don’t bring any money home!)

Most females reading this will be rubbing their palms together, and salivating, while mentally screaming “SHOPPING SPREE!!!!!” (I admit, it was the first thing that went through my head!)

The conservatives reading this will say “Bills and/or mortgage”.

But what if you didn’t have to worry about work, or life, for a day, and you had all this cash to blow….what would you do?

After some serious thought, I have planned an entire day of fun for the family (with some health benefits thrown in there for good measure)



First off, I would fill the fuel tank in my car. With today’s fuel prices, a good chunk of money will already be spent to completely fill my Mazda MPV, as there is a lot of driving ahead of us.

All six of us (hubby, the four kids and myself) would go out for breakfast. Dome cafe is probably the best option. My kids just about eat me out of house and home on a normal day, I can only imagine how much they will eat if they have an option of bacon, eggs, sausages etc.

I’m just drooling over the thought of all that coffee!! (*insert Homer Simpson style drooling and finger twiddling here!*)

After we have gorged ourselves on breakfast, I will drop hubby and my younger two sons to a play centre called Tumble jam to let the boys burn off some energy. I have no idea if hubby will be sitting back watching….but he will more than likely be chasing them around the equipment like a massive kid himself!

Mt. Romance gong session

Mt. Romance gong session

In the meantime, I will take my older two children to a place out-of-town called Mount Romance for one of their gonging sessions. I LOVE the gongs! You lie in a cone-shaped room, sniffing a silk handkerchief that is doused in sandalwood oil and look at purple lights (that look like little stars) on the ceiling, while a lady banging on a gong (ok, there is more of a technique to it than simply whacking a gong!) walks around the room. The vibrations feel awesome…especially when they hold the gong directly over your body. You can feel it in every inch of your soul! There are times when you don’t know if you are awake or asleep….if you snore, you will get a quick tug on the big toe so you don’t disturb the experience for others.

I think the relaxation therapy will be good for my older two kids…who need to just “WOOOOSAAAH!!!” once in a while.

Since it is recommended that you don’t drive for up to half an hour afterwards, it gives me a chance to do a bit of retail therapy in the store and buy a few products to take home.

On the way back to town, I will pick hubby and the boys up, where they have hopefully worked up an appetite. We will make our way to one of my favourite restaurants, The Venice. The food, service and atmosphere there is fantastic, and it is a family friendly restaurant (always a plus!)

The salt cave at Saltacious

The salt cave at Saltacious

After lunch, I will drop hubby and my older two kids at the ten-pin bowling rink, while I take my two younger boys to a place called Saltacious. You sit in a room, while salty air is pumped though. Salt therapy is very important with cystic fibrosis. My son takes all of his salt orally, so this is a different approach to help him. It helps a range of conditions from respiratory illnesses to skin disorders (which my middle son suffers from).
I have always wanted to try a session and see how much it improves our health.

After our salt therapy, we would join hubby and my older children at the ten-pin bowling rink and play arcade games until we start to wear out.

A quick duck into the shopping plaza to get a new outfit for me and maybe a new dvd for the kids before we head home (yeah, I guess hubby can buy something too!)

One of the rooms at Hideaway Haven. I don't think I will want to leave that bed in the morning!

One of the rooms at Hideaway Haven. I don’t think I will want to leave that bed in the morning!

We head home and have a bit of a rest before the babysitter arrives to look after the four kids overnight, so that hubby and I can check into our room at  Hideaway Haven. This is a 5-star, award-winning bed and breakfast. I have been dying to stay here. It is run by two lovely ladies who put the needs of their guests at top priority. I have seen photos of their cooked gourmet breakfasts on Facebook and I drool! The rooms look incredibly comfy. Kids can not be accommodated here, so it is an absolute parent’s retreat!

Hubby and I would take off for a while, and have dinner at another favourite restaurant,  a pizza bar called The Mean Fiddler. They make the best chilli prawns I have ever had!

We would then go to the cinemas and catch a movie together.

Hideaway Haven's outdoor jacuzzi ;)

Hideaway Haven’s outdoor jacuzzi 😉

No doubt, we will be absolutely exhausted, so we will head back to our B&B room. Before we retire for the night, we will have to take the opportunity to experience Hideaway Haven’s jacuzzi under the stars.

No doubt that will top off a long day, and we will fall asleep (wait….I mean PASS OUT!) really quickly.

So there you have it. That is how I would spend $1,000 in a day. A family day of therapeutic fun which is capped off with some child-free romance

Share what you would do if you had that opportunity.

Bella 🙂

***This is my entry for “A Grand Adventure” competition. If you would also like to enter follow this link :

Good News!

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter (aged just over 5 years old) had a pediatric appointment.

It was a follow-up appointment from thirteen months ago when she was diagnosed with Global Development Delay. From that diagnosis, my daughter had a year of speech therapy appointments, occupational therapy appointments (like her older brother) and attended a kindergarten that had a specialized Early Intervention Program. It has been a very intensive year for her.

Anyway, back to the appointment.

The pediatrician conducted a Griffiths test on her to see how she had come along over the past year.

After going over the scores, the pediatrician concluded that while my daughter is low-average in development, she is no longer classed as having Global Development Delay! YAY!

She has now been discharged from the pediatrician, but is still on the therapists books, just in case she still needs assistance as she makes the transition to pre-primary. I am a little concerned over the fact that I don’t know if she will still be able to attend the Early Intervention Program this year, as she could definitely benefit from another year, but without the “label” of GDD, is she still eligible to attend? (I will keep you updated on that, I should find out next week before the school year starts)

This is weight off my shoulders, as it means one less child to attend therapy appointments for. We still have the respiratory clinics for her, and we are about to embark on the next trip of seeing psychologists for her eating habits (whole other subject….in due course!)

Hopefully we will still see her come along in leaps and bounds. Wish her luck for her new year at school!

Bella 🙂

Good news

We finally got the phone call with  results of my son’s bronchoscopy. He doesn’t have Pseudomonas anymore!



 Yesterday passed by without a word from the hospital, and that little knot of worry started forming in my stomach. If results come back clear, we normally find out by Monday afternoons. I was already forming plans in my head of how I was going to get to Perth with my son so he could go into hospital, what I would take, and mentally arranging a car for my husband to stay home with the other three children.

The wait must have been getting to my husband, as when I came home from work early this afternoon, he had called the hospital himself to ask for results. A couple of hours later (after being told that they would call him back) the phone rang. The Pseudomonas have been eradicated.

However…he does have another (different) bacteria growing in his lungs, but they aren’t terribly worried about it. He is to go on Tobramycin nebulizers for at least two weeks to kill his current chest infection.

So while it wasnt all great news, it was still a relief.

Life continues as normal…well…as normal as normal is in this crazy household!

Bella 🙂


Night-time rituals

As I type this out, the usual bedtime saga is unfolding. Once initially tucked in, it goes something like this:

Child (it doesn’t matter which one, they all take turns): “MUUUUUUUUU-UUUUUUM!!!! Mummy!!”

Me: “Yes?”

Child: “I need to go to the toilet.”

Me: “Then go…”

Don't worry....take your time guys!

Off they toddle to the loo, usually causing the other siblings to appear from the darkness like ghosts emerging from an eerie mist, lining up at the toilet door to go themselves. After about ten minutes, they are all tucked up again….until:


Me: “What!?!?”

Child: “I need a drink!”

"I want it NOW!"



Numerous cups filled, distributed, emptied and returned to the sink. Later…






Child: “MUMMY!!!!”

Me: “What now?”

Child: “I can’t find teddy/blankie..”

Me: “You had it a minute ago, look under your bed!”

Child: “But I can’t find it”

Blanket?...Check!...Teddy?..Check!...BACK TO BED!!!!!

Light turned on, only to find the missing item in a very obvious place. Light off again.

Child: “Mum!!”

Me (and I’m sure you can imagine my tone of voice by now..): “Yeee-ees?????

Child: “I need to go to the toilet again”

The whole toilet ritual starts up again…back to bed they trundle…


"But Mu-u-um!"



Child: “I can’t sleep!!”

Me: “I don’t care…its bed time!”

Child: “But it’s dark!”

Me: “It’s night time, it’s supposed to be dark!”





Twenty minutes later:

Child (sneaking up on  me from behind): *whispering* “Mummy…”

Me: “Uh huh?”

Child “I love you, Mummy”

Love you too, baby bears!

Kids. As much as they drive you insane, they can melt your heart in an instant.

Are your bed time rituals the same in your house?

Sweet dreams everyone!

Bella 🙂


Dig deep

It’s that time of year again.

It is when celebrities from around the country (even the globe) fly into Perth, Western Australia to hold a non-stop, 25 hour television presentation where they answer phones, put on acts, and read out pledges. This is all in the bid to raise as much money as possible towards Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

This amazing event is called Telethon.

It was started in 1968 to help raise money for medical research, expensive medical equipment and make life  more fun for those sick children in hospital. Since then, it has grown, with businesses all over the country raising and donating money. Houses are built, then auctioned, with all proceeds going towards the grand total. Auctions are created in the expectation of donations.

These days, if you call up, you have a high chance of speaking to one of your favourite Aussie celebrities. They will do almost anything to help pull your money in. They sing, they will dance…you may even get a quick strip show from some of the males!! They even give opportunities to various unknown acts, young and old, to showcase their talents on live t.v.

Its amazing at the generosity of people. When they started in 1968, they raised $104, 829 (a lot of money then) and last year there was a record of about $12 million!!!

I see personally how well this money gets used. I wish we didn’t have to, but I am glad to see how the money is spent and how much it benefits W.A families.

So I am writing about this today to urge everyone to donate! I don’t care if you aren’t even in Western Australia!!

1300 737 507- CALL NOW!!!!! Or even check out their Facebook page

I certainly am!

Bella 🙂